How to Increase your Cash Flow of Your Investment Properties

It’s very important to take a look at all expenses of a property. The seller should provide you documentation of taxes, utilities, water, sewer, trash collection, licensing, and any other permits that may apply. You can also

What Is The Best Insurance?

The purpose of insurance is simple: If God calls you home today, your kids won’t go hungry. Many people misunderstand this simple logic. I know some people who buy insurance for their kids. I heard one person

How To Earn Wealth Quicker

A lot of us wanted to live the best life the world can offer. After College, we look for jobs that offer the best salaries. We look for jobs that compensate well. We look for jobs that

Cashflow 101 Board Game

Have you ever heard of this board game? If not, you must read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. He was the one who devised this game with his aim to teach people financial literacy. According

How To Save On Education Expenses

It’s the end of semester once again. Time for the final exams, projects, and thesis defense. After all these will be another semester. If you are not yet a graduating student, in a week or two you

Trapped In A Rat Race

Guest Post by Reyman Ilagan This year, (2011) I got hired as a project engineer in the country’s top construction project management firm. I was so excited then, until I realized after a month in my first

How Do You Determine The Rich?

Today I have returned the collateral of my friend’s credit – a PlayStation Portable. I was able to lend her some money last month since her cousin needed emergency money that time with a small interest. While

What Is A Mutual Fund Investment?

At first, I thought I will never learn about things related to money and finance. I thought that I should leave those who studied business courses learn this. But in just a month, I have learned a

Growth Of Money In Mutual Fund Investments

Since I already started investing in mutual funds, I tried an experiment to determine how well does a mutual fund perform during the year 2010. With this experiment, I got the historical NAVPS of Sun Life Prosperity

How To Save? Free List of Saving Tips

It is always a question for everyone. Most of us are having hard time when it comes to saving. First ask yourself, which of the formula below are you using? INCOME – EXPENSES = SAVINGS OR INCOME