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What Is A Mutual Fund Investment?

At first, I thought I will never learn about things related to money and finance. I thought that I should leave those who studied business courses learn this. But in just a month, I have learned a

Growth Of Money In Mutual Fund Investments

Since I already started investing in mutual funds, I tried an experiment to determine how well does a mutual fund perform during the year 2010. With this experiment, I got the historical NAVPS of Sun Life Prosperity

How To Save? Free List of Saving Tips

It is always a question for everyone. Most of us are having hard time when it comes to saving. First ask yourself, which of the formula below are you using? INCOME – EXPENSES = SAVINGS OR INCOME

I Started Investing. I Started Money Gizmo.

Welcome to my new blog! I created this blog to keep track of everything I learn about money and finances. I want to be a millionaire just like most of us. Just like most of people around