How to Transfer to Another BPI Account Using BPI Express Online

If you have the need to transfer funds from your existing BPI savings account to another person’s BPI savings account and has no time of going to the bank, filling-out the deposit slips and waiting in queue, then this guide is right for you.

Having a BPI Express Online is very handy in times of these kind of situtation. You just need to enroll the other person’s account as a third-party account and you’re good to go. So if you have an Express Teller Savings/Checking Accounts (Individual Account), Passbook Savings Account (Individual Account), Maxi Accounts for Individuals, Platinum Savings/Platinum for Kids, BPI Direct Savings and Checking Accounts or Pangarap Savings then this facility comes handy.

What to do?

You just have to add the third-party account to your BPI Express Online account. There are three options to do this:

1. Print, Sign and Mail. For this option, you need to fill-out the application form online, print the form, affix your signature on four spaces provided. After that, snail mail the duly accomplished form to:

BPI Fulfillment Banking Group
9/F BPI Card Center
8753 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City 1200

You should choose this option ONLY if you can’t do the other two below since it would take long before your account can transfer to other person’s BPI account.

2. Print, Sign and Submit form.This is similar to the first option but instead of mailing it to BPI, you will personally submit the printed form to the branch where your account is based or to any branch of convenience (for BPI Direct). Just tell them that you need to enroll for third-party fund transfer.

3. Go to your branch. If you don’t feel filling-out any online form and printing, you can just go directly to your BPI branch and apply for third-party fund transfer. Fill-out the forms there and wait for it to be activated.

Where to start?

If you chose options 1 and 2, here are the steps you need to do in order for you to transfer funds to other people’s BPI accounts.

1. Login to your BPI Express Online account by visiting

2. Navigate to Fund Transfer then select Enroll Third Party accounts

3. Select from the drop-down list any existing BPI Express Online accounts

4. Fill-out the JAI (Joint-Account Indicator)

5. Enter account name and the account number on the opposite side. Note that you can enroll for up to 20 accounts in one card and up to 140 accounts per client.

6. Upon pressing Continue, you will be redirected to the page that contains all necessary information for the enrollment

7. Print the page. You can print it in grayscale if you want.

8. Affix your handwritten signature to all the spaces provided

9. You are good to go. Submit it to the nearest BPI branch.

My girlfriend helped me process this application. She enrolled my personal savings account as a third-party in her BPI Express Online account. So, anytime we can transfer from her account. The enrollment took one day before it was activated. I tested the third-party fund transfer by transferring 5 pesos from her account to mine and it since this is an online transaction, the amount was transfered real-time. Good job BPI!

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  • nick

    makikita po ba ang account balance ng naenroll kong third party account?

    • Mark Hugh Neri

      Hi nick. di mo sya makikita, you can only do balance transfer online. Pero kung enrolled din yung third party account sa EOL, you can login and confirm kung successful ang transfer.

  • Em

    Hi can soneone enroll for me? I need to enroll her bank account to my bpi online. ill ask my daughter to print the form,I’ll sign and she’ll submit it to Bpi bank. Is that possible if she do this?

    • Mark Hugh Neri

      Guess it’s possible with authorization letters and valid IDs, but I suggest you call the bank before doing this.

      • Philip John Conanna

        Sir Mark,i have my savings and checkjng acct,both are enrolled to my online acct,tapos nag additiknal acct ako ng dollar acct ngayon need ko mag pera from my dollar acct to my checking acct kaso hndi nag appear ang additional(dollar)acct kk sa fund(from)..need your advise sir Mark, ito email add ko po,nsa barko ako sa abroad 13th ng umaga alis namin kaya mga 1monthnna nman kaminla internet

  • Dani

    hi! are there charges to do this transfer? thanks!

    • Mark Hugh Neri

      Transfer to 3rd Party accounts has no charges. :)

  • Ferdie

    Hi Mark,

    Do you have a list of allowed 3rd party banks to be enrolled online? I am planning to enroll a rural bank. Would you think this is possible?


    • Mark Hugh Neri

      Hi, 3rd party means BPI accounts other than your own. :)

      • Ferdie

        Thanks for the clarification Mark.


      • Genevive A.

        How can I transfer amounts to other BPI accounts that are not mine, to pay them, without enrolling ?

        • Mark Hugh Neri

          Hi Genevive. you can do this by doing a bank deposit over the counter

  • XT

    Mark, there’s a BPI function daw that allows you to transfer funds to 3rd parties account without having to enroll. are you aware of this?

    • Mark Hugh Neri

      Hi XT. not yet. thanks for the heads up.

    • James

      care to share?

    • Asha’man

      Pwede daw via BPI mobile app – just activate “transfer to anyone”.

  • Trebs

    Hi Mark,

    Currently I have shares (dollar) with my company, I’m planning to sell my shares. How can I transfer my shares to my BPI account? Do I have to enroll or open a dollar account?

  • Edmund

    Hi Mark. Just for clarification. If I have a BPI Direct Savings Account (currently enrolled in Express Online), can I enroll my Passbook Account to my current Express Online as a third party account and just transfer the funds of my BPI Direct Savings to my BPI Family Passbook account instead of doing OTC deposit for my Passbook? I find it more convenient. Secondly, kind of off topic. Can I enroll my Passbook Account as an additional account Express Online Account (Not for fund transfer but for an additional account so I can check the data/balance online)? Thank you!

  • DL

    Mark, I’m currently abroad and I want to enroll another 3rd party so that i can transfer funds online..Could there be any other procedures for the enrollment of 3rd party account since I can not do the 3 steps as mentioned above..Would a scanned and printed signature be acceptable?

  • mac

    mac here, kahit saang bpi branch ba pwede epass ang reciept? or sa makati branch lang talaga?

  • nerfe

    Hi Mark, BPI of other account considered 3rd Party Account?

    • Mark Hugh Neri

      yes. all accounts that are not yours. :)