10 Secrets To Becoming Rich

Last month my girlfriend gave me a book entitled 'You Can Be Rich' by David King. The book is like a financial freedom 101 and is suitable for those who is beginning to learn ideas and topics about how to become rich. It discusses about the secrets to becoming rich, learning from the masters, how to budget and save, how to grow income through selling, how to setup your own business, how to invest and how to become rich and be happy for the rest of your life. If you have a copy of this book, read and share it among your family and friends. On this post I would like to share the 10 secrets to becoming rich and my personal thoughts about each one of it. [panel-image src="http://moneygizmo.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/secrets-to-becoming-rich.jpg" caption="What are the secrets of the Rich?"] The 10 Secrets to Becoming Rich are... [impt text="1. Learn the value of time."] I often tell you that the younger you start, the richer you become. You have to understand that earning wealth takes time and the sooner you understand and learn it, the earlier you can take action and the richer you will become someday.[divider] [impt text="2. Set lifelong goals."] Goals are our drivers. It motivates us to strive everyday in order to reach our goals. While you dream and aim to be rich someday, set a lifelong goal alongside it. It can be for yourself, for your family or even friends. Set this in 5-year divisions. Let's say 5-years from now what do you want to achieve - your first million? your dream car? or maybe your very own residential house? Then what about 10 years from now? and so on.[divider] [impt text="3. Stay out of debt."] Interest in our credit cards are our worst enemies. If you really want to get rich, pay cash as much as possible so you won't get into debt. Avoid buying things you don't really need because these things will only put you in debt.[divider] [impt text="4. Learn to accept failure successfully."] Ordinary people fail sometimes but rich people have failed more than them. Failure doesn't mean failure. Learn from it and move forward. Accepting failure doesn't mean accepting defeat but taking something out of that failure so it won't happen again.[divider] [impt text="5. Develop winning attitudes and habits."] Winners don't quit, quitters don't win. Winning attitudes are those behavior shown by winners. They always have a positive mental attitude, they smile at problems and they take challenges. Do this for more than 25 times and it will become a habit.[divider] [impt text="6. Keep everything in focus."] If you have set your lifelong goal but is not focused on attaining it, then no matter how hard you try, you will fail. Focus is being consistent. Focus is keeping your eye on the finish line. Focus demands concentration.[divider] [impt text="7. Work with the right kind of people."] What happens when you put a rotten tomato together with the fresh tomatoes? Chances are the fresh tomatoes will become rotten. Though it will be difficult to choose who to work with especially when you are in an office setup, what you can do is be aware of people who can influence you either positively or negatively.[divider] [impt text="8. Develop total self-discipline."] Everything is difficult at first. Learning new things is difficult at first. Walking on our own is difficult at first. But if you have developed self-discipline and maintained what you are doing, then it will become easier. This year I told myself I am going to blog at least once a day. This requires discipline and so far I am doing great.[divider] [impt text="9. Develop faith."] Faith is synonymous to believing in something whether it exist or not. First you should have faith in yourself, then alongside with it, believe that there is an Almighty being that is the reason above all.[divider] [impt text="10. Make happiness your ultimate goal."] It is ironic that this list are the secrets to becoming rich but what I want you to aim is not to become rich but to become happy. Money is only one of the tools you can use to become happy and make people around you happier. Your final goal should be for you, your friends and family and everyone around you - happy![divider] These are the 10 secrets to becoming rich according to the book, how about you, do you have a secret to share? Comment down below and we will add it to the list. Image from http://secrets-shh.blogspot.com

Mark Hugh Neri

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