10 Simple (but Weird) Things You Can Do To Force Yourself To Save

Having a hard time forcing yourself to save? It's time to be creative and try out these new 'weird' ideas.

1. Bring a calculator

Do not overspend! During grocery shopping, add up the prices before going to the cashier. If it does exceed your alloted budget, return some items that you think will not be needed. As a bonus tip, do your grocery shopping once a month if possible. It will save fare/gas and your time.

2. Buy envelopes.

The most effective yet low-cost budgetting technique. Buy envelopes and label them for each budget items you have. Remember: no touching and no transferring.

3. Toiletries for a gift/pasalubong

Do you have relatives outside the country asking for what do you want for a gift or 'pasalubong'? Tell them that you prefer soaps, shampoos, tissues and any other toiletries. This will save you a lot!

4. Bring a water tumbler

Food courts offer free drinking water. Fill your tumbler and you may never have to buy bottled waters again.

5. 3-in-1 coffee in a starbucks mug

Think of it as a new Starbuck's flavor. Don't spend a month's worth of salary for a mere coffee.

6. Charge your phone at the office

Ask first if this is allowed. If it is, connect your phone's USB charger to your laptop's USB port and set your phone's connectivity setting to 'charge-only'.

7. Turn combo-meals into double meals

Fast-foods are bad for your health but during those times when you are craving for one, combo-meals like burger plus fries can be turned into doubles. Eat the burger for lunch. Then the fries for your merienda (snack).

8. Go to work as early as you can.

This could mean less traffic and lesser chances of resorting to take a cab because you're going to be late.

9. 'Arbor' (borrow) your friend's financial literacy book

Soon as your friend finished reading the book, borrow it or you may ask him/her to give it to you so you can pass it to someone else once your done.

10. Delete social networking accounts (or minimize usage)

No brainer. Just answer this question - "How many times you were urged to buy something because someone posts good things about it?". Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social networking sites are marketing tools.

Bonus tip:

Do you have a credit card but only using it for your WANTS? CUT IT then thank me later. If you cannot save following the usual techniques, why not give these 'weird' tips for a change. You'll never know unless you try! Good luck!

Mark Hugh Neri

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