13th Month Bonus Salary Survey 2013 (Results)

Last December 2013, I did a survey and asked friends and readers on where do they spend their 13th month pay. Though it's quite early to do a similar survey for the year, it might be a good time to publish the results of last year's Christmas Bonus survey.

Monthly Income

There are a total of 37 respondents where most of all works in the I.T. sector or IT-related business. Age bracket is from 25-50 years old. Majority of the respondents earn from 10,000 to 50,000 pesos monthly.


Respondents would either spend their 13th month bonuses either on Christmas holiday expense or save in the bank. It is also surprising that the next top answer is to put the money in investment.

This is good news. First, because most of the respondents are my friends and since I started this blog, the number of people who are investment-savvy are growing.

I do hope that the next survey will have more respondents and the number of people who will prefer investing instead of saving will be bigger. 'Till the next survey!

Mark Hugh Neri

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