200th Post Milestone for Money Gizmo

Hooray! This is Money Gizmo's 201st post since its start way back September 2011 as Pera Atbp (peratbp.blogspot.com). Though this might be a big number to you, this is quite an achievement for me and my fellow bloggers here at Money Gizmo. As part of this mini celebration, I would like to give credits to our contributors here at Money Gizmo who spent great efforts in sharing the best of their knowledge for our goal of inspiring and motivating other people to start saving, investing and to start making money online.

Money Gizmo give THANKS to it's contributors

Money Gizmo's Contributors

Reyman Ilagan

Reyman is a personal friend way back in college. I've worked with him in a student organization of academic scholars. He is one of the most brilliant person I've known. He is my first ever contributor on this blog and he did a great job of sharing his learning and knowledge about personal finance. Currently, he is doing a great job as a professor in the Civil Engineering Department of our alma-mater, Adamson University.

Code Margaux and Dee Dora

Dee Dora and Code Margaux are both graduates of Mass Communication. Dee Dora is a real-life friend and a co-student leader back in college with Reyman. She was the one who introduce me to Code Margaux who is a great writer as well. Unfortunately due to some technical errors, I was not able to assign back all articles to Code Margaux but rather assigned all to Dee Dora. Dee Dora is now a social media strategist professional.

Henderson Hui

Hen is a colleague from the company where I had my first job as a software engineer. He wants to share his learnings about money mindset. I guess Hen's busy with his business at the moment.

Manel Andrea

One of the most visited blog post here at Money Gizmo is of Manel's. Her post titled 'My Journey Towards Financial Freedom' has been shared for more than 250 times as of this moment. She also aims to be financially free and at her current career and determination, she will attain that in no time.

Joel Olave

Joel is the first contributor of Money Gizmo who is not a real-life friend. I contacted him though his blog at Invest In Your Future and was able to publish his first contribution about how to earn while you sleep.

It is quite a journey so far and I am happy that the site is growing and I was able to share something to the world. I aim to motivate and inspire other people though this blog. I wanted a world where there are no poor people, where people can live the life that they want. Because I believe that if people can live the life that they want, there will be no crimes and we will have peace.

Sharing my plans for Money Gizmo Here's some of my plans for this site to further improve the articles and deliver more informative post to readers like you.

1. Promote guest posting.

I know that there are a lot of people there who knows more than me. If you are one of those people who shares the same goal with us, kindly join us and be a contributor here at Money Gizmo.

2. Improve the look and feel.

I am looking out for a good theme for Money Gizmo so that it will look more professional and readers will have a good user experience in this site.

3. Quality posts.

Though I target to publish at least once a day, I will be focusing more on the quality of the content. I will make every article published to be easy to understand especially for beginners.

4. Improve the traffic.

I hope more and more people will come to this site to learn and discover new things. I will improve my visibility in search engines and social networks for the next months.

5. Last but not the least, implement other techniques to reach more people.

More people that will discover this site means more people will be motivated and inspired to start their own journey to financial freedom. Since I am a bit new to learning internet marketing techniques, I am yet to apply these.

Once again, from Money Gizmo and its beautiful and handsome contributors, Thank you Readers! Let us continue to share, motivate and inspire everyone to start their own journey to financial freedom. To live the life they want. To reach you dreams, your life aspirations and to be successful in life and love. Thank you!

Mark Hugh Neri

Looking for financial planning workshop or for life and/or health insurance with investment options? Got questions related to personal finance? Feel free to message me at Money Gizmo (see link below)

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