22 Week Challenge

Better late than never! Were you able to follow the 52-week challenge originally posted by Kuripot Pinay or my Ringgit version. If not, you still have time to complete half of it. How about a 22-week challenge. Remember that the primary goal of this challenge is not to accumulate large amount of money but to have a habit of saving. Once you are able to complete the challenge, you will be ready for the next level which would be investing or trading. For this challenge, you need to decide on two things:

1) Your target amount  
2) Initial saving  

Be realistic. Do not aim for a very large amount. Since you only have less than half a year to complete this challenge, target an amount that you believe you can keep aside. Say, for a fresh graduate who earns around 15-20 thousand pesos a month, let's target 8,000.

Initial Saving

Start small. Every week we will add a fixed amount to the initial saving. This way, you will find it easier during the early weeks and will become more challenging up to the last week.


Use the calculator below to determine how much you need to save every week for this challenge. Just set the target amount and initial saving. You might want to print the page for future reference or bookmark this page.


There's no secret but consistency. Just religiously save the indicated amount until the end of the challenge.

Your Prize

Aside from the money you will earn, you will also gain the habit of saving that you can share to others. You might also feel more comfortable to try other means of financial vehicles such as stocks investing or trading or mutual funds. Good luck!

Mark Hugh Neri

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