25 Most Dangerous Sales Myths (Part 2)

Here is the continuation of the first part of 25 Most Dangerous Sales Myths. The 25 most dangerous sales myths is a book by Stephan Schiffman. It is a collection of so-called beliefs that sales people tend to follow in order to close a deal. Unfortunately, these beliefs are proven to be wrong by the author. Note: Only excerpts are shown here and does not intend to violate any copyright of the said author. [divider] Here are the next number 7 to 15 sales myths [impt text="Myth # 7 - Price always carries the day."] Most of salesperson believes that a competitive price is the most important factor in selling. However, it is proven that is the least one having salesperson competence, total customer solution and the quality of product or service being the top three most important. If you are going to sell something to someone, you must build a long-lasting relationship with him or her not just offer some discounts. [divider] [impt text="Myth # 8 - Selling effectively means 'trapping' the prospect."] You should forget about 'closing' the doors behind your prospect. Trapping in this context means just telling all good to your soon-to-be customer without knowing the real value it would give to him. The tip here is to know the exact value your product or service can give him/her and let it be the decision point of his/her buying. [divider] [impt text="Myth # 9 - Never ask a question when you don't know the answer will be."] Arthur Doyle says that "Too much certainty can be problematic". You should be never a know-it-all. You should not always suggest what YOU know but also ask recommendations and suggestions from your prospect. This way, you will understand what he or she really needs. [divider] [impt text="Myth # 10 - Always try to outsmart the buyer."] This is related to myth number 9. Do not shame your buyer by telling him in front of his face that you know a lot more than what he knows. When you do this, you will not only lose a deal closed but you also miss the opportunity for a referral and a repeat sale. Build a relationship by understanding not by outwitting. [divider] [impt text="Myth # 11 - Long, detailed, and/or wacky voice-mail messages are great selling weapons."] People hate long and non-sense messages. Will you listen to a vague message that tells nothing you'd understand and then ask for an invitation for a meeting - of course not! Try to be straight-to-the-point when sending messages. People love short but wise calls or messages. [divider] [impt text="Myth # 12 - E-mail is replacing the telephone as a sales tool."] Though people are into technology nowadays, 'common' people doesn't really read e-mails nowadays. They consider e-mails from people they don't know as spam and a spam email's message means - delete. I have received several phone calls from telemarketers which means a lot of businesses still use telephones as one of their marketing strategies. [panel-image src="http://moneygizmo.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/25-most-dangerous-sales-myths1.jpg"] [impt text="Myth # 13 - Fight, fight, fight when you hear negative response."] Most customers will always have bad things to tell about your product or service. How you handle this kind of feedback is what matters. Do not fight fire with fire because doing so will just end up with your lost. [divider] [impt text="Myth # 14 - The customer is your enemy."] Customer is the king and is always right - one of the most common lines you will hear in the field of sales. Do not treat your customer as your enemy rather try to befriend him or her and you will certainly get what you have been working on - a closed deal! [divider] [impt text="Myth # 15 - You can 'convince' people to buy."] Most sales people today didn't realize that their work is not to convince people. Convincing means trying to tell people what benefits their product or service can do for them. Yes, it can be part of their work but you should not according to the book. What you should do is to let them realize by their own what you can provide them. All what you have to do is to give them the necessary information they need. That's it. [divider] The last 10 sales dangerous myths on sales will be continued. I hope these thoughts help you in a way if you are aiming to be one of the best salesperson out there.

Mark Hugh Neri

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