3R - Hitting Economic And Ecological Management

Last week, 80% of Metro Manila was affected by the Monsoon rain brought by Haiku. These continual rain highly affected areas such as Las Piñas, Bulacan, Pampanga, Muntinlupa, Manila, Even our corporate centers aren’t exempted including Makati and Pasig. And after the flood has subsided, the main causes of these heavy floods were left on the streets, Garbage. Now, the question is when are we going to learn? Haven’t we had enough of Ondoy’s and Peping’s trauma and fatalities? You are right, it’s a national calamity, we can’t do anything to stop it but on the other hand there is something we can consistently do to avoid greater damage. [caption id="attachment18055" align="aligncenter" width="630"] From http://philippinessuck.files.wordpress.com[/caption] Being prepared is not enough; prevention is more than of great help to us and also to our nature. After dropping our donations to the casualties of the flood, we can think about how to prioritize preventing it from happening to us. That opens the topic of ecology. The mostly taught discipline now a day is the 3R; REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE. I guess, it’s not so hard to comprehend, what’s hard is to apply it in our daily routine. Basically, 3R is a hierarchy of waste management strategy to minimize waste. It does not only scope our literal wastes management but can also be helpful with our budget. Yes, aside from the main target of Ecological balancing, our money and resource management are also emphasized. First let me introduce to you what is 3R. Reduce – teaches us the principle of consuming only what is enough. Reuse – Frugality, comes here as we try to maximize the resources Recycle – work out with your creativity and you can still find other benefits on the things that you think is unusable. 3R is an essential tool for the people to avoid consumerism. Consumerism is a social and economic order in which people purchase and obtain great amount of goods and services. Well, most people are guilty of consumerism and most are influenced by impulsive buying. What’s bad is if it’s too much. Now, if we just follow the discipline of 3R, we shall benefit our safety and budget. Let me give you just some of Benefits of 3R. Ecological Balance – Living green keeps our environment clean thus, can minimize the dangers brought about by dirt and the calamities. Consumer Behavior – 3R basically influences us to avoid being consumerist which harms not only our environment but our budgets as well. Discipline –It teaches us discipline to be responsible of our actions and knowing the consequences that might be brought to us. Savings – If you are not aware well, you may try the tips below and observe how can you save. Economical – imagine if our community commits for 3R, then we would benefit cost cutting, maximization, creativity of each individual. From old containers used as basins, books discounted and passed on to libraries, gadget parts and other items that may seem to be junk to us but can be very useful to others. Then we can have more efforts to save the environment and the community. For starters, here’s very simple and useful tips following 3R and at the same time saving money. Grocery Budget –It is important that you buy only what you really need, but buying for long term use can actually save you money. Buying bigger items and in bulk can actually save you both. The disposal is not very frequent as you maintain a certain amount allocated for the week. Plus, bigger items give you more of what you buy, like additional percentages on products sometimes even freebies. You are also saved from the price fluctuation. Find alternatives – There are actually, useful items at home which are very flexible in its benefits. Like in cleaning agents. Toothpaste, vinegar, bath soap are just some of examples that be used for stain lifters. Moreover, you can search for more, from food, clothing, gadgets, you can actually, maximize it. The important thing is be wise. Learn to segregate – waste management is very important as we also learn the differences between our wastes. Biodegradable, Non-Biodegradable are just the two most important words in waste management. Most of these causes’ drainage blockings thus flood. If there are items that you can sell to junk shops, then do so. Or give it to someone who needs it. Learn to pick up the pieces. – It’s an advantage to be a third world country that our norms and taboos do not prohibit us from re-using the items, picking up things second hand and still making the best out of it. You can recreate a trendy clothing or bag from the old jeans, or maximize old cans as coin banks, old boxes and containers to put in our baggage. Avoid “Too much” – using too much electricity, water and all of our resources are not good actions for 3R application. If you turn off the light unused, change leaking faucets, change high voltage bulbs, these things can save you a bunch of money for your utility expense. Furthermore, choosing the right products to use, can delimit you from using too much. “Downy Isang banlaw” is effective fabric conditioner that can save you water and ease your laundry chore. Joy, 5 pesos sachet, just add water and it can be used for a week of dishes. It won’t hurt if you try to reduce and be wise. We have our own methods, 3R is more than waste management and if we start now, we can do both money and ecological saving. Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wastehierarchy http://www.recycling-guide.org.uk/reuse.html http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0775891.html http://www.dnr.mo.gov/env/swmp/pubs-reports/threers.htm

Mark Hugh Neri

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