5 Reasons That Will Definitely Make You Decide to Start Investing

Non-statistically speaking, I can say only 3 out of 10 people invests in the stock market. And only 1 out of that 3 fully understands how the stock market works. Most people are hesitant and afraid because they might lose money instead of gaining from it.

Some people are afraid to even try because they think that it is hard to understand and difficult to manage. Others just don't trust that the country's economy will rise over time.

While the rest believes that the government's social security system will provide come the time of their retirement. But, they are wrong. Are you one of those people I mentioned above? If yes, then let me tell your five reasons that could change your mind and make you decide to start investing.

COL Financial's Stock Market Recommendations"

1. It's easier

All you need to do is to open a stock investment account from your preferred stock broker. It is also more convenient because you can do your investing online.

Some stock brokers such as COL Financial gives us online portal where we can buy, sell and monitor our stocks investment. While banks such as BPI enables us to fund our COL Financial Account online. You don't need to step out of your house to invest!

2. It's cheaper

Gone are the days when only those people who can afford to invest big amount of cash can invest. Today, you can start investing for as low as 5,000 pesos (~112 USD). If you can set aside this amount of money, why not put it somewhere that can beat up inflation?

3. Learning is a breeze

The Internet is your friend. Just Google keywords such as "start stock market" or "stock market investing", you will definitely get a lot of articles both for beginners and advanced investors but in general, the concept is very easy to understand.

4. Philippines is a rising tiger

Sick man no more! The Philippines is considered now as one of Asia's rising tiger. The economy will rise and so are stock prices. One way to benefit from it is to invest in the stock market.

5. Because depending solely on SSS as a 'Retirement Fund' is an old tale

The truth is, the Social Security System's Pension plan will not 'secure' your life after retirement. I suggest you read an article from one of the country's financial guru, Burn Gutierrez, answering the question - "Should You Rely Your Retirement on SSS/GSIS Pension Alone?"

So, now, what's still stopping you from entering the stock market?

Mark Hugh Neri

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