5 Things That Interferes With Your Success.

Are you at the point of your life now where you are looking for success and value? Most of us started dreaming at an early age. But dreaming of success is not as easy as we have thought about it. Most of the people who dreamed of something get delayed, mislead and worst disregard even before they get into the initial stage of their plans. Most people have plans, the strategy, and the will but sometimes they just stay where they are often contented with what they have letting go of the once bold dream of conquering the world. Well, if you are a dreamer now, let me share you some of the things that you might thought of hindering yourself from excelling. As I give you these factors, you can come up with some ways of overturning it and hopefully go for your dream. Insecurities. Illness: The greatest opponent that you will have in your life is this. This one will just drill a hole in your self-esteem, teaching you to be uncontended, envious and a wrecker. It not only wrecks your life, it can also wreck others’ lives. By words inappropriately said, acts wrongly done, who would you destroy but yourself? Instead of focusing on the great things that you can do, on the resources that you have, insecurity will drive you to holding and staying to the ill fate that you have chosen. Cure: Nobody gets away with insecurity but anybody can conquer it. How? It starts with a prayer, then reflection. You are created with gifts and talents and resources that you can use. Do not compare yourself to others, instead give yourself to others. It’s like the saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them” in a positive way. First you must accept that you are what you are and unless you choose not to reject, compare and devout to the worldly standards, you will not move on. Learn to appreciate, to anticipate what you can do. Fear. Illness: It’s like a germophobia, (fear of germs) which evolves into your paranoia of what or where are you going. The truth is, many people have tried, touched, risked and done everything, guess what? They are not dead! They just go on and move on. Cure: If your fear of the unknown then let me assure you with a line. “Do not be afraid of the future, God is already there”. I have read this in a Lomi House where I often eat. It works for me every time, however as I come up to my own meaning, this line just thought me that I was made uniquely by God. Fear, gives me jitters, doubt and low self-esteem but with this line, I learned to have faith. This faith doesn’t just come along with His guidance but also a faith within me. We will never have forever guarantee, but encompassing whatever fear we have, taught me how to be resourceful and expand my limits and rock on. If you feel scared just listen to your intuition, it will never fail you. Vices. Illness: It starts with a try, then tolerated, became a habit and definitely a vice. There are two types of vices that we tolerate. The first one is the material vice. This is supplemented by the environment and the world leading to addiction with cigar, drugs, sex, gambling and many more. The second vice is the Emotional vice. This one is formed within ourselves and definitely leads to material vices. Our rebellion, supplemented by pride, anger and grief can definitely push you to the no control. Vice results to impaired memory, loss of money, health hazards and sometimes social endangerment Cure: Vices all starts within us, therefore the cure are also within ourselves. If you have started then you can go for therapy of minimizing to vanquishing. If you are just in the stage of temptation then you have to conquer yourself. You cannot just divert your emotions into vices. Most vices are created for escape into the realms of the real world that is why you have to be brave and fight it fairly. Family. Illness: This one is a bit confusing because most of the people get their inspiration and support from the family. However I include this in the list because most of the time, family drags you down. It is in the cases of Fear, Responsibility and Assurance.The case of Fear starts when you have something in mind yet your family is afraid of you taking the risk. They are afraid of your failure or vice versa you are afraid of failing for them. Encouraging you to be just stable and not to excel. Cure: Yes your family will fear for you, but in the end, they have no choice but to support you. Learn to stand on your own. Your own will and strength will never mislead you or if ever you failed, rise again. Responsibility: Illness, this one is the dragger in most cases. If your family members depend on you too much, with the exaggeration of even the food you will put into your mouth, you will still give to them then dear you should think again. Dependence is not born if you tolerate independence. It’s a simple thought of spoiling your family which should never be the scenario. You cannot do or buy this because of their expense. Cure: Be self-responsible, you won’t be there for them for the rest of your life, nor they will be for you. Start with small things for yourself. Investment, education are just example. If you know how to manage, then you will learn to be both responsible for yourself and your family. On the contrary, if you think your parents are responsible for your survival even at the age of 20, well then you might re-evaluate if you are a handicap? Independence will give you self-esteem, pride and contentment. Debts. Illness: You start by saying to yourself that your want is a need. Started borrowing, started with the credit card, started with the vices, gambling and wake up one day bombarded with the list of payables, and people charging you of the things and money owed. I personally do not believe in debt unless really necessary. Cure: If you are going to make a debt, then you should have anticipated on how to pay it, and if you can pay it. If you don’t it will take you long years of payment and hiding. Having an unnecessary debt will make you move uneasy. So instead of investing your money to house, insurance, education, you get stranded to paying it. Do not let it drag you down. Be wise. Success does not only refer to being well off. These things might affect your personal, physical and financial health. If you want to keep moving forward, learn, minimize and avoid these things. You cannot learn when you are already in the pit hole. Good Luck and God Bless! Image From http://dgreatwallofchina.com

Mark Hugh Neri

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