6 Traits of a Great Working Environment

It doesn't matter if you own a multinational company or a small-to-medium enterprise. The values of running a business are more or less the same with running a country; you are dealing with people. When you come to think of it, your employees have also contributed a lot to your money-making venture.

So, it is just as important to make their stay worthwhile. Take note that a great factor that influences their motivation and productivity is work environment. It does not only revolve around their physical space, but is also everything that includes the staff's involvement with the work itself (i.e. relationship with colleagues, organisational culture, career growth, etc.).

Take a look at US technology firms as an example. These giants, like Microsoft, Facebook and Google, swear a laid-back yet professional culture and other fabulous perks for their employees. You may have noticed that these same companies are the ones that make up the list of the world's most successful multinational corporations. But what are those things that really make a workplace conducive for employee motivation?


Open communication is perhaps the most important attribute on this list. Employees need to feel that they are being listened to and that what they have to say has a value. When you cater to that need, your staff would feel they belong to the organisation.

Get them involved through departmental discussions, company meetings and open forums. Also, promote approachability to everyone in the company, especially to the supervisors and managers. After hearing what your people have to say, make it a point to give your perspectives on how to address such concerns.


Operant conditioning certainly holds true even in corporate settings. Positive reinforcements in the form of simple verbal recognition, awards and incentives are one way of saying “Thank you for your hard work”. This, in turn, promotes similar behaviours in the future. When employees are appropriately rewarded and recognised by the management, they'll likely become more driven and motivated than ever. A great idea for showing your appreciation would be to treat the team on pay days.

Team Spirit

Seeking social support is innate in humanity. Through the good and the bad, everyone in a company should be able to come together to celebrate victories or overcome obstacles. When you evoke a sense of unity in an organisation, you make your employees feel that they're not just working for themselves. A strong team spirit involves recognising each other's strengths and limitations, while reminding yourself of what you can contribute to achieve organisational goals. Indeed, it revolves around acceptance and tolerance of the individualities in a company.

Safety and Security

Employees should have a healthy and secure workplace. Whether they are staying in Ortigas offices or working in factories located in Parañaque, you should make it a point to abide by occupational health and safety standards. Remember that any untoward workplace accidents could decrease the morale of your staff. Not only that, these circumstances could possibly tarnish the reputation of your company, rendering you lost revenues and slim profits.


It may be cliché but “all work and no play makes Juan dull”. Even if projects and deadlines go awry, it shouldn't take its toll on your staff. Burnout is one of the major reasons of absenteeism and poor performance. By making your work environment interesting and fun, you are lessening the degree of stress in it. You can do this through organising out-of-town team buildings, sprucing up the interiors of the office, or hosting entertaining inter-departmental contests.

Bright Future

Professional growth is deemed very important for employees. Security of tenure may not be enough, though. Career talks, trainings, seminars and mentoring programs are aimed to motivate employees to exceed expectations. With these things, you are helping them achieve their career or personal goals. A positive working environment is inviting to employees. Plus, it makes your people feel good about going to work. And like you, they will also become driven to achieve mutual goals for the company.

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