A New Kind Of Scam To Sun Cellular Subscribers

In today's world of finance and business, you will encounter a lot of topic about scams. Scam can range from most basic such as cellphone load scams to the big-scale scams such as business scams. Today I had a new encounter of a new method of scam. I have received a text message from an unknown number (+639423454546) saying that I am the one selected postpaid plan holder that is given 35% bill discount. Wow! Sounds good right? But the catch is to forward the secret code to 2292. If you are not aware of the format of the secret code given on the next message, it is Sun Cellular's Give-A-Load format. From Sun Cellular's website: To transfer direct via text, simply do the following: To Send REGULAR LOAD Text amount (P10- P50) <space> 11-digit mobile number Example: 10 09223214567. Send to 2292 To Send SPECIAL LOADS Text <LOAD CODE> <space> 11-digit mobile number Example: CTC10 09223214567. Send to 2292 The first number is the amount followed by the mobile number of the person you will give a load to. The last set of digits has no use. Luckily I have used this number format sometime and was not deceived to this person's scam. [panel-image src="http://moneygizmo.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/new-sun-cellular-scam.jpg" caption="Have you received similar message?"] How did this become a scam? Here are some points that tells us that this is a legitimate scam. 1. The mobile number is definitely not a service number from Sun Cellular. If this is legit, they should have used a 4-digit number such as 2292. 2. 35% discount is too good to be true. 3. Aside from sending a text message to the subscriber, they should have called you. 4. There are no media advertisements about this promo if this is supposed to be true. 5. The format of the text message is unprofessional. Please share this to everyone you know so that they won't fall as victim of this scammer.

Mark Hugh Neri

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