A Ride On A Bus - Meeting Different Kinds of People In One Place

It's been a long time since my last blog post here. I started the blog last year with a goal of at least one blog a day and realized it is really difficult to achieve. Anyway, I'll keep this blog as active as possible while I also maintain my other blogs. Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience on a bus ride going to work. I always ride a bus on my way to work at 3 PM and back home at 12 MN. I encounter different people on a bus - people like me who's going to work, students going to school or going home, young and old, boy or girl and a lot more. You will sometimes encounter people who will just ride (or rather climb) the bus and do their business like selling fried peanuts and some would ask for donations on the charity they represent. [caption id="attachment_17651" align="aligncenter" width="630"] From yahoo.com[/caption] Today, I met 3 different kinds of people in terms of their business on the bus - the boy who sells 'macapuno' (sweet coconut candy), a man who sells 'mani' (fried peanuts), and a preacher. They are different in terms of lifestyle, the way they earn, and their ages. Let's see how I see them and what they represent in the society. First, the boy who sells 'macapuno' (sweet coconut candies). He is on his teen years and is selling his products in order to save for his tuition fee. Personally I salute these kind of people because at an early age, they already have the responsibility to earn on their own. I see good future for these kind of people because they are not only earning for their everyday survival but they wanted to earn a degree so they can live a better life someday. The next guy is the man who sells fried peanuts. I bet that if you are a regular commuter, you have also met these people. The one I encounter is someone in his mid 30's. Though they are very hardworking too just like the first one, somehow I feel sad because there is a little possibility that he will spend his income to educate himself and have a better work since most of these people strive because they have their own families and have a lot of mouths to feed. The last guy is one of those people I am really annoyed with. They are those preachers that use 'words of god' in order to get some donation so that they can continue their 'charismatic' works. I am not against them but I think the bus or any kind of public transportation is not the right place for their solicitation. I am also annoyed when they repeatedly mention that the donation is not obligatory but will definitely given credit by God if we do. You might agree or disagree with me on this post, so let me know what you think. :)

Mark Hugh Neri

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