Money Gizmo is a blog about personal finance and money management. This started out as a site documenting the author's journey to financial freedom but later opened to contributors to share their knowledge and experience about investments, savings and business ideas. It started when the author, Mark Hugh Neri, read the book 'My Maid Invests In The Stock Market' by Bo Sanchez and 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki. He began his journey to financial freedom last September 2011 and at the same time started Pera Atbp (www.peratbp.com). The blog aims  to record his steps and learning towards financial freedom. The blog also contains several articles from his friends, Reman Ilagan, which discuss the same subject and some book reviews and Desiree Pamplona. Upon his move to a new blogging platform last May 2012, he renamed the blog to Money Gizmo which means a gadget you can use to earn money. Aside from blogging, he works as an IT professional at one of the biggest multinational IT company. He had his bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering at Adamson University. Know more about the author on his personal website.   You can also find us on the following Social Network Sites: Google+ | Facebook | Twitter

Mark Hugh Neri

Looking for financial planning workshop or for life and/or health insurance with investment options? Got questions related to personal finance? Feel free to message me at Money Gizmo (see link below)

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