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Are you investing in Sun Life's Mutual Funds whether it's Money Market. Bond, Equity or Balanced mutual funds. Do you wonder how to put additional investment to do Peso Cost Averaging? Here's a simple how-to that teaches you how to add subsequent investment to your mutual fund investment that can be applicable to other companies' mutual fund as well. How to Add Subsequent Investment to Sun Life Prosperity Funds Download the Order Ticket for Subsequent Investment Deposit your payment to any of the banks listed on the second page of the form. Additional investment for a peso-denominated mutual fund is PhP 1,000 Fill-out the following information: Client Number. You will be given this upon subscription Account Name. Consists of the account holder's last, middle and first name Fund Name. The type of fund you wanted to put additional investment Sales Load. Either Front-end load or back-end load Amount Paid. Either in Pesos or US Dollar depending on the type of investment Check whether it is deposited as cash or cheque Deposit details. Information about the bank, branch, date where you deposited the payment A.R. No. Issued. I put the reference number of the deposit slip Source of Fund **Note: These are the minimum as these are the only ones I filled-out whenever I make additional investments Sign the form together with the date Fax the Order Ticket for Subsequent Investment form together with your deposit slip to (632) 849-9744 or 849-9740 Call their hotline at (632)849-9888 to confirm whether they already received your order ticket Always remember that the cut-off is at 12 noon. All additional investments before the cut-off will be processed the same business day and the NAVPS value that will be used is for the same day. However, if you have sent the order ticket after the cut-off, it will be processed the following day and the NAVPS for the next day will be used. Resource:

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