Automatic Savings with BPI Direct Save-Up

Do you ever wanted to save without hassle? Do you have your separate savings account but sometimes you forget to add on a regular basis? Do you ever wanted to get an 'automatic savings' account? Do you sometimes become lazy to do that 'saving chore'? Presenting the BPI Direct Save-up If you are the one who still believes in the power of a savings account or maybe an investor that needs a 'parking' account then this product is may be the one you're looking for - BPI Direct Save-Up. A Save-Up account is a deposit product account from BPI Direct that you can setup to automatically transfer a certain amount from one of your BPI or BPI Direct savings account to this account. Among the features of this account aside from being a savings account are the following: No Initial Deposit and Easy to Open This savings account has no initial deposit. Open an account today on-line from BPI Direct. I personally opened an account without even going to a BPI branch for this. It can also be automatically enrolled to your BPI Express Online account if you already have one. High Interest Rate Enjoy a higher interest rate compared to other BPI savings account. Since you are saving, it will be better if your money can gain higher interest over time, right? Automatic Savings You can setup this account to transfer from your regular savings account to this one. Decide how much you wanted to save and when you wanted it to transfer. This happens even while you sleep. You never have to remind yourself to do that saving chore! Secured Savings Since this account doesn't come with an ATM card, you don't have to worry that your savings will be gone when you lost your ATM card. [caption id="attachment_18097" align="aligncenter" width="500"] From[/caption] But wait - there's more, this savings account also comes with the following: BPI-Philam Life Insurance Yes! You read it right. This savings account also comes with a FREE life insurance coverage amounting to as much as 10x your account balance up to 4 Million Pesos. For more info, visit the BPI Direct Save-Up information page. Source:

Mark Hugh Neri

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