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Manager, sounds like a very promising position. It a position that makes people say “wow, heavy!” and make builds a perception of a man with good decision making, skills and command, both practically and theoretically capable. Now, this article tackles your potential to be a manager by starting on your own. This is managing you; of course, how can you be a successful manager tomorrow if you can’t start within yourself. A Great manager comes with different skills and qualities which are not acquired overnight. And right now what I encourage you is to practice. First, knowing that the first one to manage is you, then you can practice now. You start as a “Yes Man”, enjoying things, and then I bumped into Mr. Harley Hahn’s experience about being successful through Mr. Irwin. Definitely, his article tackles the most relatively personal make over. It would be most regretful I f I do not share this to you. Hope you can you use it Manager. 12 qualities that will tackle most entirely of what you need to know to be successful: Explain your ideas well, in a logical manner. – if you want to speak, might as well, say something with sense, straight and be sure to be understood. Do not allow yourself to become intimidated by people of wealth, position, or power. – Their power, fame, wealth nor beauty won’t affect you because you are unique and can stand in your own way. Know how to negotiate. – Do the talking, it’s not always being humble and waiting for the banana to drop on you, learn to know your worth. Be knowledgeable about what you are trying to do. – Think before you decide or utter words. It’s better to take time than to fake being Mr. Know it all and regret. Be willing to control your spending; use your money thoughtfully, not impulsively. – This is what’s we have been encouraging you ever since! No matter what you make, save something. – Definitely a good point. Saving for the rainy days won’t harm you. Invest wisely and conservatively, not impulsively. Control your investments, even when they are small. – I can relate this to number 4. Be wise! Ask a lot of questions. Be inquisitive about everything you do. – I’m a woman of many question, but hell I care, I stand out and I am well informed. When mistakes are made, don't place blame. – Losers, play the blame game. Winners find solution. So will you be a looser or winner? Don't be afraid to fail. Be willing to try new things and go into them optimistically. – Definitely, we fail to learn more. Get up and do better! Failure is temporary, you can make Victory permanent. Find people who are wiser and better than you, and then delegate. Don't be afraid to work with people who are strong enough to disagree with you. – I believe in good network. Choose the right people and believe that two heads are always better than one. Be generous in deed and in spirit. – When you say YES to others, you say yes to yourself. It is a combination of network building, opportunity creation and self-training. Go for it! Image credits: You may see Mr. Harley Hahn’s full article at

Mark Hugh Neri

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