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As we reach the era where media and technology greatly cultivates our reality, these mediums also evolve its roles on our lives. Mainly dictating our sense of fashion, pop culture, norms, taboo, morale, it now targets a greater depth within us, the decision making aspect. Adaptive structuration theory (based on Anthony Giddens' structuration theory) suggests that as we use the Technology to produce and reproduce a social emphasis that may lead to our decision making and perception that may result to our actives. One good example of that are Forum sites. A forums site appears when we search into the search engine and asks almost every question that we think about. A group of people make a reply correlatively by sharing their experiences, opinions, and other thoughts, that they think may help you with your question. A single conversation is called a thread and they mostly use a set of jargons to converse. I personally, use this kind of site. It does not give you a certain amount for every post but it gives you more than what you might need; Information and social belongingness. I can say, that fro mostly alien things to me, these site helps a lot. To name few; Pinoy Exchange, the female Network are just some of the mostly used forum sites. These are full blast forum websites, where mostly people post a question and others answer opening a discussion. The AST theory clearly states, that there is a major possibility of us acting based on those sites. Therefore, here are some lists on how to be a wise commenter or reader. Tips before you go to forum sites (As a Reader): Be careful with the information gathered, some are just made up to smother rivalries. It is still best to research and recheck. Although, testimonials are overwhelming, you still have to be updated. Read and analyze the information thoroughly. You may, misunderstood some. Choose and pick only the right information. Since there are lots of commenters, it’s unavoidable that many will just post purely opinionated info’s. These sites can help you decide and can give a lot of information, but you mainly decide for yourself. Do not let them dictate your decision. Beware of Trolls. Tips before you go to forum sites (As a commenter): Self-post is a good start for a discussion. Be careful with the words and info’s that you are going to give in. Make sure it is true and not an invented one. Respect each other’s post. You are not the only one in the group or network. The content and context matters, read carefully, comment responsibly and be a good source. Websites forums has evolved it’s effect and role in our lives. As we cling into the information technology age, let us not forget that we still have working brains, that will lead us to research, analysis and success. This is a privellege, use it well. :)

Mark Hugh Neri

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