Beginner's Guide to Personal Investing

Hello 2013! It's a new year and we all have a clean slate to start with. Now, you might have decided to start investing this year. Here at Money Gizmo I share my personal experience in subjects of personal investing and money management. So, here's the links and other resources that you can start with. I Started Investing. Last September 2011, I started my Mutual fund investment and got my life insurance from Sun Life Philippines. It doesn't take a lot of money to invest since most of the products can be started from as little as 5,000 pesos. So if you still have your Christmas bonuses and 13th month salary, it is the perfect time to get in! What Are Mutual Funds. The definition of mutual funds, it's kinds and how can you start with one. There are a lot of articles in the internet that defines mutual funds but this one is a personal from me and hope that you understand it very clear. Adding to your mutual funds. Now, you already have your mutual funds. How can you add so that your earnings will also add up too. It discuss the step-by-step procedure on how can you add more to your mutual funds. This article specifically discusses mutual funds from Sun Life Philippines since that is where I got mine. Growth of Money in Mutual Fund investments. It's time to know how can you earn from your mutual funds since it is the very reason you started investing in one. My own mutual funds has already ~20% growth over the span of more than a year only! Starting with Stocks. I really don't have plan to start investing in stocks since I still don't have the confidence and the money yet but fortunately since my father's account has been opened and I am a co-owner of it, I tried last March 2012 and since then it already started growing and growing. Personally I don't have formal education related to the articles posted here but since the knowledge is available in the internet and other electronic media, I have taken the effort to learn and now I am sharing it all to you. But also, since I am no expert on these subjects since I am a Computer Engineer, please let me know any errors by commenting on the articles. Thank you and happy investing this 2013!!!

Mark Hugh Neri

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