BPI Credit Card Promo April 2013

Here are the latest promos to all BPI Credit Card holders for April 2013.

One is from The Body Shop and another is from Anson's. Both promos will run only until April 30, 2013. To qualify, one must bear any of BPI Express Credit Card.

The Body Shop Using your BPI Express Credit Card. You can get 1 free when you buy an all-body butters and beautifying oils. The free product should cost at least equal or lower value compared to the one you bought. This promo will run until April 30, 2013.

Anson's BPI Credit Card Promo. You can get one Marubishi Blender or Dole Dessert Maker when you use your BPI Express Credit Card at Anson's. The blender is free for a minimum S.I.P. (Special Installment Plan) purchase of 30,000 pesos on featured items while the dessert maker for minimum purchase of 50,000 pesos on featured items as well. This promo is valid until April 30. When buying during the promo, you are also entitled to 100% bonus on your credit limit.

Mark Hugh Neri

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