BPI Express Credit Card Upgraded

During previous months, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) have undergone an upgrade on their credit card system. With this upgrade, the Special Installment Plan will be removed so there will be only one Credit Limit. With this new system, credit card holders now may purchase from only one credit limit. With the old system, you have to set how much you will allocate for your regular and installment purchases. Another upgrade is the appearance of the Statement of Account (SOA). Though I am a new holder of BPI Credit Card, I was able to compare from the old one. Personally, I would say that the new BPI Credit Card Statement of Account is much easier to understand. Congratulations to BPI! From BPI website: [panel-image src="http://moneygizmo.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/BPI-CC-SOA.jpg"] "We wish to inform you that we have completed the upgrade of the BPI Card System. Thank you for your patience and understanding the past few weeks as we underwent the migration process from the old to the new system. We deeply apologize for all the inconvenience you experienced. The upgrade was very much needed to ensure that we continue to service your needs reliably and efficiently moving forward. With a newer, better card system, we are pleased to inform you of the following enhancements to your BPI Express Credit Card to make transactions easier : Consolidated Credit Limit for Straight and Installment Transactions. Now, you no longer have to request for a reallocation of your credit limits. Your Regular and Special Installment Plan (SIP) limits are already combined into one credit line to give you more flexibility to utilize your total Credit Limit whether for straight charges or installment purchases. More Detailed Summary of Balances. On the first page of your statement of account, you may now view a summary of your balances per type of BPI credit card you own. This makes it more convenient for you to account for your total charges. More Convenient Tracking of Rewards and Savings. On the first page of your statement, you may now view the rewards points and rebates in greater detail: Real Thrills Rewards points available for redemption aside from the total earned and redeemed points; and Petron-BPI MasterCard total fuel rebate earned for the year aside from fuel rebate earned for the current month. [divider]With this, you will have a better view of the total value and savings you have earned by using your BPI credit card/s. For BPI Skymiles cardholders, you can still view the Skymiles earned for the current statement and the accumulated Skymiles earned todate can be viewed in the Delta Airlines website. Easier Identification of Supplementary Cardholders' Transactions. On the succeeding pages, the cardholder name per card now appears beside the card number together with their corresponding transaction details. This helps you more easily determine charges made by your supplementary cardholders."

Mark Hugh Neri

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