Cool Saving Ideas: Bring ONLY What You Need

What's in your wallet? Let me guess. Credit cards, health cards, pictures of your loved ones, government services card, ATM cards, prepaid cards and your whole month salary in cash. Most people bring every money they have in their wallet. But, did you know that you can SAVE more when you do the opposite - bringing only what you need! [panel-image src=""] [impt text="People withdraw everything"] Most employees take everything out of their payroll accounts during payday and put everything in their wallet. After that, they will pay bills and obligations and the rest will remain in their wallets hoping it will last until the next payday. Their wallet or purse becomes their mini-treasure chest when they can get bills and coins to satisfy almost everything they need or want.[divider] [impt text="Why I say THEY"] Because, as a doer of my own tip, I only bring what I need. I do not withdraw my whole salary during paydays. In paying bills, I use my bank's online account and auto-debit arrangements.[divider] [impt text="Your Wallet has a BIG hole in it"] Remember when you put everything in your wallet and just a few days before the next payday, you have no more money. This usually happens because you have no control over your money in your wallet and you do not monitor how much remains and if it can still make through the next payday.[divider] [impt text="Only bring what you need"] One of our cool saving ideas here at Money Gizmo is JUST BRING WHAT YOU NEED. In your budget, you should allocate an amount for your monthly allowance. To learn more about what things should be included in your budget, read my article about it - What Things Should You Include in Your Budget . But don't bring everything. You should divide that amount by the number of days you will be spending it. Let's say you have a budget of 2,000 for the whole month for your daily allowance. If you will be spending it for 20 days at work, then you should only bring a 100 everyday.[divider] [impt text="Bring an extra money ( just in case)"] Though some people are already doing this technique in budgetting, they sometimes bring extra. Bring an additional 50% at most of your daily allowance. This should be kept in a separate location in your wallet and should only be spent in unexpected expenses.[divider] [impt text="It's not only for cash, it applies to everything in your Wallet"] Leave your credit cards and debit cards at home if you don't have any plans to buy something for the day. That way you can restrict your self from using it on things you don't really need.[divider] [impt text="Let's do it!"] Like every tips you can find, you cannot appreciate the benefits if you do not try this by yourself. Start today and let us know how it improves your personal financial management.

Mark Hugh Neri

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