Broke This December

This is pretty much true to almost all of us. During this season, there is so many expenses that leads us to being broke. Sometimes we even put ourselves into debt just to celebrate Christmas and New Year. We spend on Christmas decorations, gifts to our loved ones, food and drinks during celebration, family vacations in and out of the country, reunion with friends and more! Here are some "be-careful" tips from me to celebrate the Christmas season without putting yourself in debt and being broke on the start of 2012. 1. Do not buy something you cannot afford. 2. Do not over-limit your credit card. You might still need it for emergency purpose. 3. It's the thought and love that counts. We can have cheaper alternatives and bring the same amount of love and thoughtfulness. Be creative in giving gifts. 4. Avoid buying too many food for festivities. We do not want to waste food. 5. Avoid last-minute shopping. All price go higher as Christmas come near. 6. Plan your vacations accordingly. Include a budget plan on each vacation. 7. Use last year's Christmas decorations and keep it in a safe place after so you can still use it by the next year. 8. Go to free Christmas events. Why pay if you can have the same amount of bonding and fun? 9. Give to Charity this Christmas. It is always better to give than to receive especially when you know that you give to those people who cannot give you something back in return. 10. Always keep in mind that Christmas is about Jesus, our savior, being born. Keep a live, healthy, peaceful and merry Christmas! On the personal note, I am broke even before Christmas. It's not because I already bought gifts for my family, friends and for myself. It's because I've started my own business. I've ventured out in a piggery business. Started with 5 pigs that is being taken care of in Masbate by my relatives. One of my Christmas wish is for the health of my 5 little pigs. Though I'll be having a broke-Christmas this year, let's hope a very rich Christmas next year. Let's celebrate our Christmas debt-free!

Mark Hugh Neri

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