Budget By Envelopes

How difficult it is to create a budget? It is known that only a few people do know how to create a budget. Whether you belong to the working class or just a student whose income is allowance alone, you must create a budget. But why create a budget? Creating a budget avoids overspending which always result to having debts, bad debts. And over time this debts can grow uncontrollably which can affect your lifestyle and sometimes people around you. One factor why people doesn't budget is because it is somewhat tedious and often difficult to follow. Here's an idea you can try so you can start to create your budget today - use ENVELOPES! The idea is very simple. just follow the five easy steps below and you are good to go. 1. Categorize your expenses. it can be anything from bills, tuition fee, grocery, allowance, investments, mortgage, etc. 2. Buy envelopes for each of your category. 3. Determine how much will you spend for each category. This might take some time before you allot the right amount. Consider the expenses during the previous months. The amount can change as often as monthly so review this always. 4. Put whatever amount is allotted to each category to their corresponding envelopes. 5. Last and most important, spend accordingly. If the envelope is already empty, do not take away from other envelopes.

Mark Hugh Neri

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