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Are you still waiting for your phone to ring for a job employment that almost to never comes? Or have you ran out of marking ink and classified ads, but you still have your bum stuck on your seat?

Or probably, you are in need of assistance on small things that you can't do, because you are also filled with other tasks at hand? Don't fret, my friend!

Here's for you! 199Jobs is a place where you can either buy or sell simple services quickly, easily, and in affordable ways. With its online platform that serves as a marketplace for both employers and employees, it makes job and service-hunting much easier while promoting a connection between future online partners.

Its main goal is to hire people for simple jobs in the online, convenient way, which makes it easy to render productivity through outsourcing. In this way, there is a quick way to save both time and money, in order for you to be able to pour your full attention on things that matter most.

Like what has already been mentioned, 199Jobs enables one to buy or sell services.


Buying services is as easy as one, two, three. With many people seeking for job opportunities, the database for recruitment in 199Jobs is extensive, and with its user-friendly interface it can help you to find and buy the service you need. Jobs fall in 15 categories: Writing and Translation, Design, Art & Graphics, Admin Work, Research, Teaching & Lessons, Advertising, Social Media, Music, Voice & Audio, Tech Support, Marketing, Consulting, Programming, Miscellaneous, Video & Animation, and Photography.

You can browse for the jobs by either clicking on the categories or by using the search bar, and click on the job you need. In order to buy the job, click “Order Now”, and don't forget to choose your Add-Ons. You can pay the employee through Paypal, Globe Gcash, BPI Express Mobile, Smart Money, or any credit card and bank deposit.

In order to get a thorough discussion regarding the job, talk with the seller (or the employee) and always provide the specifics. Wait for your seller to get the work done, and once it is passed unto you and you have anything you want to be revised, you have 72 hours to request fixes.

When it is done, click “Mark Completed”. Leave feedback in order to help others learn from your buying experience. If there's something else you need someone do for you, just get back to the search bar and continue outsourcing for more productive work.


Just like in Buying, you can sell jobs easily. Don't forget, however, that posting a job will oblige you to do your work responsibly and efficiently, and employers are seeking out for you—that's why, post only a job that you know you can do, and you know you can dedicate yourself to. Can't find where your aptitude lies?

Don't worry, as 199Jobs has the same 15 categories where the things you can do will surely fall in. To start, click the “Post A Job” link and put in the specifics of the job you are offering. In order to attract more employers, share your job on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or simply tell your friends—they might know someone who needs you, or probably they are the ones who need your service.

When someone clicks the “Order Now” on your page, 199Jobs will immediately inform you through the site and your email, so don't forget to open your online accounts frequently.

To render a job well-done, discuss with the buyer. When your work is fully and successfully done (all right!), you can cash out your earnings through Paypal, Globe Gcash, and anything available to transfer your salary. Again, don't worry, because it's a sure-ball that you will get paid as long as you do the job. If you can take extra, go on and sell more jobs to earn more.

Try it out is a good site for those who don't have a regular job, but it is also recommended for those who are already employed but are willing to do extra. The only requirements needed are skills, time, and a computer you can work on, and you are all set to make the money you need.

Mark Hugh Neri

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