Cool Saving Ideas: Calendar Savings Bank

Here's one cool saving idea you can start this year. A friend posted this picture on facebook - a savings can made by herself. She also included a calendar which you can mark once you have deposited your savings for that day. [impt text="How much can you earn in a year?"] Amount Saved Per Day Savings in a Year 5.00 1,825.00 10.00 3,650.00 20.00 7,300.00 30.00 10,950.00 50.00 18,250.00 100.00 36,500.00 Although this is not a recommended way of saving since it doesn't grow overtime, it can be a start for people that are still checking out what's the best investment options for them. So, why not try it today? [panel-image src=""]

Mark Hugh Neri

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