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Are you a fresh graduate or wishing for a career shift? Are you looking for options where you can do what you want at work? Are you a social media addict and can’t last a day without going digital? Then this article will be good for you. Let’s start with the metrics. If you are not yet aware, aside from being the text capital of the world, we are also labeled as the “Social Networking Capital of the World” as per research made by the 24/7 Wall Street blog. It is based on the highest usage of Facebook alone. Yes, we are first, again. Moreover, we are one of the most tech- savvy countries in Asia and a great number of 43% of our business enterprises uses social media platforms for brand marketing. (

By June 2011, according to Nielsen and Yahoo Media Index 33% of our population has penetrated Facebook. Next in line is Twitter and Youtube usage, LinkedIn is still growing strong with its network. While Television still holds the crown with 458% usage in the Philippines, (Synovate Media atlas 2011) we cannot disregard the digits seen in Internet usage. However, there is one more tool that contributes the social media network which is the Mobile phones. Being the text Capital of the world, our upgrade to Smartphones makes it 24% of our population to use mobile devices to go online. This metrics is just a proof that we are indeed having been mounting opportunities with Social Media Platforms. Additionally, in many other countries, 901 million people use Facebook with 7012.9 million unique monthly visitors both male and female (

As many foreign countries invest to us as an outsourcing haven, Social media boom has not only opened market for Filipino enterprises but also jobs for outsourced businesses. Therefore, I’d like to introduce to you a career option that taps Digital realm. Let me just differentiate digital marketing and social media marketing. Digital marketer is wide scope, including digital ads such as LCD TV, mobile marketing, social networking and search and display while Social media scopes specific networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more that builds network sharing. You cannot fully master all of which as you may not deliver your full potential. You must only choose something specific, be the master of it and do great. Thereafter you may choose another specialization so you do not get bored. Each area is a lucrative field that will open opportunities for your sleeping creativity and innovative desires. Here are the digital career paths that you can choose from.

Social Media Analyst/ Data Analyst

Think Smart not just Hard. Do not worry; this is not just about numbers. Being a social media analyst must mean you are not afraid of organizing tons and tons of data. The job is to have the data presented in a way that the planners will understand which of which is good for the market plans. It is essential for disseminating information which matters. If you can excel in this field, you will be able to help in determining what’s hot and what’s not. However, it is important that data presented are not hoaxed.

Skill needed: Analytical, Keenness to details, Patience, and Judgement

Social Media Specialist

Exciting enough that it gives you the power not just engage people via social media platforms but also influence them. Imagine, if you have the right data and use it in right words and how powerful you can become to be an influence to individual social media users? Sounds cool right? Well it’s not just that. You become a community manager of Facebook sites, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more. You do answer queries, display ads and be the face behind the Facebook page. This job gives you the power to give assistance, be of information and be the representative of your company while enjoying the digital platforms itself.

Skills needed: Social, Judgement, and Communicative Competence

Digital media Planner / Planning Specialist

A combination of Media Planning and Strategic Planning. Basically, this job entitles you to plan on how to use and when to you different digital platforms. You have to budget them and present the quotation to the client or boss. You have to create a creative idea, Identify the touch points for media channels and develop case studies that shall make your planned campaign strong and measure the result. Challenging!

Skills needed: Creativity, Perseverance, Patience and Budgeting

Mobile Marketing

Given the advantage of being the text capital in the world, then the upgrades made to Smartphones opens this job to a wider opportunity. The only gadget that stays within a human reach within 24 hours. An email blast may be deleted immediately but a text message will always be read. It can catch, connect and close any deals available. If you can turn an individual text to a powerful advertisement, then go for it!

Skills needed: Creativity, Social, Influencer

These are just a few career options that you can have. However, you must remember that an ideal marketing campaign does not rely on Digital nor traditional marketing alone. It must be combined. The best tip that I can give is to pursue your passion and if anything above fits you, then go for it! God Bless on your journey. “The heart of man plans his way, But the Lord establishes his steps…” Proverbs 16:9

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