Cashflow 101 Board Game

Have you ever heard of this board game? If not, you must read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. He was the one who devised this game with his aim to teach people financial literacy. According to the Wikipedia article: Cashflow 101 is an educational tool in board game format designed by Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad), which aims to teach the players concepts of investing by having their money work for them in a risk free setting (play money) while simultaneously increasing their financial literacy and stressing the imperative nature of accountability. There are two stages to the game. In the first, "the rat race", the player aims to raise his or her character's passive income level to where it exceeds the character's expenses. The winner is determined in the second stage, "the fast track". To win, a player must get his or her character to buy their "dream" or accumulate an additional $50,000 in monthly cash flow. In place of “score cards”, there are financial statements. The game requires the players to fill out their own financial statements so that they can see more clearly what is happening with their money. It generally shows how assets generate income and demonstrates that liabilities and 'doodads' are expenses. [panel-image src=""] [impt text="How do you play the game?"] Last Saturday, October 8, I came to a workshop to play Cashflow 101 board game. A friend invited me to attend this activity and I definitely enjoyed it. At the start of the game, you need to choose where to put your cheese, it will be on the "fast track" that is outside the "rat race" where all players start. In every turn, a player will roll the die and acts depending on the description of the tile he landed on. It can be Opportunity (Big or Small deals), Market, Doodads, Paycheck, Charity, Downsize, and the chance of having a child - which means additional expense. Your goal is to get out of "the rat race" by having building more passive income than expenses. When your passive income is greater than your expenses, you can now proceed to "the fast track". The activity was held by Create Abundance 2020 Business Community (, a group of young business-minded people that aims to create First World Philippines by the year 2020. They also provide mentoring and other wealth management courses for free. You can visit their website for a list of schedules of their upcoming activities.

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