Cease being Late.

Are you running out of excuse or reason to tell your boss why you are late? Then why not stop being late? Being late is a bad habit. It will give your company a bad impression on you, you will always look haggard running and catching breath, you will lack discipline, you will have deductions, you will have a record at the HR department and you will get deductions. Though I am not a fan of an early bird habit, being in your appointment 10 minutes before the time can save you in a lot of negativity and disasters. One time I experience being late from our company outing, I didn’t make it because I was too lazy to get up, I rode on the wrong jeepney and I paid a fine of Php 1000 pesos. DISASTER. However, after adjusting myself with the right timing, being late isn’t in my option anymore. I saved myself from Stress, haggardness’, bad impression and deductions. If you are still having difficulty overcoming your lateness, let me give you some tips how. Know the Time. It is important that you are aware of the time that you have to meet. Knowing it may help you estimate the needed time for preparation, for the transportation and waiting. Set your alarm. Alarms are very helpful when you use it right. You may be the one time, get up or the lazy one. If you get up easily with just one alarm then it won’t be a problem as long as you set the time right. However if you have so many excuses and hunches to get up with one alarm then why not make more than one alarm? I personally have 4 alarms that would ring every hour. It is set earlier than my supposed get up time. Don’t give in to Extensions. Extensions are just an illusion of you getting enough sleep. It is a reality of you getting late. If you are used of extensions, then set your alarm earlier, it will give you an illusion of having one when you are just getting the same sleep. Be ready. By being ready, you must ready not only your things and clothes but also yourself. Do not do things that might affect your next day’s waking up routine or at least be responsible. If your night out can’t be prohibited then at least, do not compromise your next day’s responsibilities. Have Discipline. The only one who can change you is no one but yourself. You don’t need a major humiliation just to have second thought of what to do. Help yourself, adjust and do necessary things to get better. Take time to adjust on your transportation, walking, pampering time allowance. It will help. Time is Gold as they Say, make it one. You can be productive if you manage yourself and time right.

Mark Hugh Neri

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