Challenge Thy Self - Stay Consistent, Stay Updated

I just received a confirmation that my domain name for this blog was successfully transferred now to Blue Host. Part of this transfer is the renewal of the domain name for at least one year. I have been putting efforts to improve website traffic on this blog so that I can also increase my earnings in Adsense. In comparison with the number of page views I receive last year and this first quarter, the amount of visitors within the first 3 months are more than the total from last year. That's a great improvement, right?

I have two challenges to myself to further improve site readership and as well as my online earnings from this blog. I noticed that some bloggers or even those who wants to start blogging are already demotivated because their earnings are very little. Some of them might earn half a dollar per day or as little as 1 cent per day. For me this is a challenge, if some people can earn as much as $1000 per month or higher, why can't I?

Staying Consistent

It was last January when I started putting more efforts to improve this site in terms of quality and as well as quantity. Since it helps to have a fresh content in terms of SEO, I challenged myself to publish at least one blog post per day. Though I am not hitting the 100% score on this, I personally see an improvement compared to last year where there are months where I only published one single blog post. Maybe after the first quarter I can challenge myself to double the amount of blog post per day - at least two published post per day. Expert says, one of the factors that can make or break your online marketing efforts is consistency.

Staying Updated

SEO is the name of the game and the big boss is named Google. The internet giant implements a way to differentiate quality sites from spam sites. This makes SEO a very challenging field since every now and then Google updates it's criteria. Staying updated by reading news and forums and other blogs can help you stay up to date with the current best practices to optimized your blog or website. Message to aspiring Internet Marketers In general, people who are building online source of income through blogging or affiliate marketing are called Internet Marketers.

I would like to share some message to you (if you are an aspiring one) that will give you an idea of what awaits you just in case you decide to pursue being an online marketer.

1. It takes time to start earning money.

You won't be getting earnings from day one of being an Internet marketer or from blogging. Your first problem is applying for Adsense. Though there are other Adsense alternatives, it is still the best way to monetize your site.

2. It takes money to start earning money.

Sometimes you need to spend in order to gain. This is true for me. Web hosting and domain are just some of the expenses in internet marketing. You can also count software licenses, SEO tools and even books and online resources.

3. Take the opportunity.

Online marketing has a big potential that it can change your life. Some people even left their day jobs and have been full-time bloggers. Their earnings are big enough to compensate with their daily expenses and some have higher earnings compared to salaried executives. And the great thing about it? They work from home and they are always with their family. Living the life they want.

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