Chasing Dreams: His Story.

What do you dream of? Luxury, success, happy life, well, we all aim to be on top. But what makes us different from every dream is the will and action to achieve it. I can now relate a story of this young fellow, so young yet determined to dream well and achieve it. I can still remember him, in our much younger days when travelling and food expense was much of a worry for every day. While most of our students from our university sees our canteen food as a moderate one and can afford, this guy, is known for his thrift. Even in college, he taught us inventive ways of enjoying very cheap food. I’ve never heard him grumble about life’s misery and hardship, instead, his aim is to look forward to a bright future. He admires excellence and his resourcefulness made him excel. This is not much of bragging, as a matter of fact, he is a student leader, president, officers of socio civic, and academic organizations from our school, well, he also graduated Cum Laude which is a blood bath achievement especially, when you are taking up Engineering. [caption id="attachment_18074" align="aligncenter" width="590"] From[/caption] As of the moment, he’s aged 24 but he has already established a computer shop business, set up blog sites and has worked in one of the world’s top company Hewlett Packard. I am lucky enough to be one of his friends, now I share to you the traits that we should learn from him too. Yes Man. At a young age, he’s been open to accepting opportunities that he knows would develop him a character. Wise. The saying work wisely is what we must be right now. Not just hardship can bring us to success. Resourceful. Yep, if you have nothing more to give in maybe your environment, friends, and internet have. You are not alone. Practical knowledge. Yet most of successful people have this. They outwit the brainy ones with practicality. You can achieve this through experience. Perseverance. Never surrender, if you want something, aim, work and achieve it. It will never be easy but with God’s guidance, confidence and hard work. You can be where you want to be. Eagerness. Light up that fire that’s inside you, it has always been there just waiting for you to excel. Aim high. Your dreams are your standard, would you settle for second best? Why not outshine! Be consistent. All your hard works, knowledge and aim cannot be accomplished without this. This is why people fail, they just give up. Strong advice. Do not Start Early. What makes him exceptional is he started early and never wasted time. It’s not too late for you too. Start now and be your best. Pursue your dreams. Yourself cannot mislead you. You may be out of track sometimes, may be on the other side, but keep going. Who knows, you might just need that experience to find where your heart belongs. The person whom I am referring to is the root and brain of this informative website; Mark Hugh Neri. He truly believes in excellence and his humility brings him to what he is now. And now on his 24th birthday, it may be time to acknowledge such a young dreamer who inspires us to be a dreamer like him too. Happy Beerday Kuya Neroy! God will bless you with great things. Keep up the good work! :)

Mark Hugh Neri

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