Cheap But Quality Education

Financial problems should not stop you from getting quality education

Filipinos have deep concern in education, and being educated is a necessity for living. However, as the time goes by, the number of Filipinos who can’t actually afford to go to school is appallingly increasing, and the people are getting hopeless to acquire quality education. Nowadays, the concept of getting quality education has always been linked to the standpoint that quality education is only for the well-off people because they can afford to pay hundreds and thousands of pesos of tuition fees every year. Despite all of these, this large number of poor Filipinos in the society doesn’t know that quality education is just within their reach.

Enroll in State Universities

State Universities are any public institutions of higher learning that were created by an act passed by the Philippine Congress, and are fully subsidized by the national government. Scholars, as what they call these students of state-run schools for each Filipino family contributes PHP 1, 185 a year to run these schools through tax payments. These schools are very large in numbers and were very prominent in producing quality students over the years. The percentage of college students who were in state-run schools are rising from ten percent (as of 1980) to 40 percent at present. Indeed state universities are very eminent nowadays as the number of poor people is increasing. However, in order to study in a state university, you must maintain certain grades that are required for you to stay as a student inside the school.

Work on Scholarships or Grants

As early as you can, invest on your grades so you can achieve scholarships or grants—this applies whether you enter a private or a state university. Investing or preparing yourself for a scholarship or a grant can start even during high school. Universities usually offer 100% scholarship to high school salutatorians and valedictorians. If such achievement is not attained (for example, you're just an average student seeking for financial aid in education), then you can try an academic scholarship. Academic scholarships are given to those who have done well in a previous semester: this means you might have to wait for the first semester in your freshmen year before you can acquire one. A grant, on the other hand, is given by a sponsor (usually a company) to a beneficiary (a student). It is a form of scholarship wherein the financial aid does not come from the university a student will be enrolled to.

Stuff to Remember

Today, schools are booming like mushrooms and they are getting numerous. The number of schools in the country is growing and it’s impossible for you to not find a school that can be reached by your budget. Although finding the right school is not very simple, you might want to shake little of your dreams off your mind and start finding the school that is of your level and accept the reality that you can’t afford those expensive schools in the world. However you cannot assure that all these schools offer quality education. Getting top quality education is not merely confined inside the colors green, blue, yellow, maroon and other flagship colors of different schools competing in athletics, but you need to know that you don’t need to be on an infamous school just to have quality education.

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