Cool Saving Idea: Company Savings Association

Here at Money Gizmo we want to be as innovative as possible in sharing knowledge about personal finance and money management. Have you read about the calendar savings bank? It is one innovative way of saving money for future use. Today, we are going to share about another cool saving idea that you might already heard - company savings program. What is a company savings program? It is an association that allows its employees to allot a portion of their monthly salary to a savings account that will later earn interest or dividends. Some would also allow their employees to get a lone at a lower interest rates as compared to those given by banks and other financial institution. What's so cool about it? It's cool because of the way you save. First it is automatic. you don't have to drag yourself to go to the bank and make some deposits. Second, its somewhat invisible to you. Since it is already deducted before you get your salary, you wont even realize it was there. Take some action! Now that you have learned about a financial tool like this, why not ask your employer about a company savings program that is already existing. Get your feet wet first by putting some small amounts at first and when you already feel comfortable, then try to add bigger amounts and see if it beats interest rates given by the banks. Good luck!

Mark Hugh Neri

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