Convenience of Paying Your Bills On-Line

How do you settle your bills? Do you wait in the long lines at payment centers? How long do you wait before you finish paying all your utility, credit card, mortgage and other bills you have? If you've been wasting money, time and effort doing these monthly routine, then you might consider doing this -- the on-line way. We have a lot of bills. Personally, I have a several credit card, postpaid bills, insurance bill, electricity and internet bill. Paying the first few months of the bills at their respective branches gives me headache. Aside from the long lines and minutes to sometimes hours of waiting, you have to go to each of their branch to pay. Having payment centers makes our lives a bit easier but doesn't eliminate the waste of time waiting in queues. These days, most of our banks provide the means to pay our bills on-line. You are now just a few clicks away from paying your obligations. I personally use BPI Express on-line and since then I have never looked back to paying my bills from the counter. You just have to setup your bills account one-time and from that, you can pay anytime at the comfort of your home or office. But remember that some bills have to be paid in advance if you chose to pay online. Technological advances makes our lives easier. How about you, do you still pay your bills from the counter or are you opting now to pay all of them on-line?

Mark Hugh Neri

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