Crossroads. Coping With Your Career Dilemma.

As the world demands a higher bid of status and confidence, have you ever thought of the place where you should be? Have you ever thought of the thing that might drive you into something more, something that you’ve always carried deep within you, waiting to be lit up and get the fire started? Yes my friend, I am talking about your dream career. [caption id="attachment18040" align="aligncenter" width="552"] From[/caption] While most of us now settle for the high paying and secured job in the industry, some still hopes to find a right path on where they could excel and give out their best. Some people still know their worth and dreamed to be more. I am just one of those few, aiming not just for the salary but for success. For the past weeks, I have been doing things that I thought would lead me to fulfilling my dream. I have written papers, solicited recommendations and has made an enthusiastic feeling that what I was doing is what’s meant to be. I have succumbed to the belief that there is something for me in what I am doing and will do my best to achieve but then something happen; I had doubt. This thing broke my long prayers, impatience and confidence of what I really want. It was horrible, that I’ve been thinking for days, longing to be answered of my doubt. Then I have realized that I have other things to consider while reaching and doing this dream. I started with the basics. DECIDE WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF Inspiration. It’s the thing that drives me and every dreamer. The who, what, where, when are the things that makes me stop and think again. Is this what I really want at least for my Life and for the reason of change? It needs to be very powerful. It cannot be ruined nor shatter by some other interest nor voice. It should be as solid as rock or as high as the buildings for this thing will definitely be the one you will cling on when there is a flood that pulls you to drowning or an earthquake that knocks you down on your feet. It will be your source of power no matter what happen. Hints. Signs are real if you just know where to look at. It will be given to you in your most reluctant and hesitant hour. You do not create it. It will come to you on the midst of your questioning and panic. It is not dictated by people but then created by fate, dictated by the universe, conspiring to lead you to the thing that you are meant for. Passion. Do not mislead yourself. You know where your heart is, you just have to gather your guts, stand for it and do it for yourself. Excellence is the main priority. Not salary, nor security. Your strength is yourself. Courage. It is something that you would be courageous at. It will bring out hidden skills and talents buried deep within. The will power shall pull you out of the safe zone. You have to know what makes you weak and overcome it. Your confidence will boost and you will learn to trust your within and your capabilities. Support. The greatest weapon that you will bring through every hardship and failure is support. It works hand in hand with your inspiration. They will be your support. Many people may say out voices and wisdom but they cannot tell it as loud and clear as the ones you have your heart with. The People who believe in your greatness will have a very deep impact in your motivation, perseverance and gives you the very power to do things. Considerations. There are things that you should consider in choosing a career path. Priorities, Resources, Wants, Time line and your efficiency. You can make a list and sort things out. The most dominant shall win. If you are not sure of what you can do, you can take career tests online. What are your doubts? There are different sources of doubts. It may be heartbreaking or heart building doubt. Whatever it is do not let it destruct you. Instead, use it so that you can be bigger and deeper. The Heart Breaking doubt. This one is from the lack of support, lack of self-esteem and confidence in what you can do or what you want to do. Sometimes, it is feed by the scarcity of resources, moral support from your family and a series of unfortunate events that misleads you to a different path. Learn to decipher, most heartbreaking doubts are reincarnated to perseverance and inspiration for self-worth. You can use it. The Heart Building doubts. It is a special kind, although it sometimes bring you fear and makes you pause for a while. This is what I am encountering right now. I have the belief on myself and confidence to sort things out yet a voice behind; my source inspiration believes that I am more than what I think I am. I couldn’t just say no, walk out and do what I want because they are pushing me to be more ambitious, to be better. It is overwhelming but the thought of causing them failure and the pressure is what’s pulling me back. DECIDE what you are MADE FOR Actually, this one is a bit hard after having serious dilemma of what you really want. You have to think of the risk, set your priority, decide your place and definitely decide on what you are for. From this you will start on acting on your dreams. You have overcome doubts and the power to finally be you will be at hand. The key is imagining where you want to be. I personally, haven’t figured out this thing because I am still weighing down matters like research on my future want, my utmost source of inspiration to finish it and the courage to be all this. I may need some more prayers but most of all I need some conviction and commitment. Let us slowly unravel our dreams. I say Good Luck and God Bless to us. May we find our puspose. “And we Know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who Love God and are called according to his Purpose for THEM. “ ROMANS 8:28 Sources:

Mark Hugh Neri

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