Crypto Mining Update - December 2017

It's been a month since I moved from "hashing" via Nicehash and started pool mining Etherium using Simplemining OS + Nanopool. There are no hardware updates during the month and this article will just show how much I mined during this period.

Note: To see what hardware I am mining on, check out my November 2017 Mining Update

October 31 to December 1 Mining payments

The calculation from WhatToMine is close to the actual total of ETH I mined from this duration. So, if you are still planning on how big you want your mining rig to be, then that is a good tool to use.

For stability of your mining rig

You can't expect your rig to be mining without issues, although it is possible to minimize hang-ups and restarts.

From what I experience, it is better to restart your mining rig at least once a day. It gave me more stability - no unplanned restarts and hang-ups. I am not sure with other OS / Platform there, but it works for my setup with Simplemining OS and Nanopool.


Last week ETH and BTC reached a new All Time High prices. Will this continue until Christmas or are we going down for correction? Until next month, happy mining / trading!

Mark Hugh Neri

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