Direct Selling Anyone?

Have you read an ad that promises instant cash or high paying cash range part time job? Or have you heard an offer by a friend you never seen for a long time to meet you and dine with you at a certain place? Or have you heard an offer from a friend about business opportunity? All of these and a lot more may sounds familiar to you. And you're right it's network marketing or multilevel marketing or simply direct selling. In this time where job security is few and hard earned, some people came to realize that somehow they need a change-they need to do something profitable that day job or night shift job could not offer. Some how you wait for the raise, or promotion in your job. But, it is taking a lot of your time waiting for that, and hope some how it will come. In that situation, your friend who is a registered distributor of a Direct Selling / MLM company urges you to take the 'fast track' to financial success. It's good to hear those stories of successes of those who are reaping rewards thru cars, cash and house and lot, etc. And then you'll think about it, are you willing to sell that product if you studied for 4 to 5 years in college just to be a salesman? Well, sounds like you are starting to doubt and that pride in yours that your professor boasted that you'll bear your license as a certified professional in your career. Practicing your career and be successful at it. But, are you willing to wait for your turn in the corporate ladder? How long will you wait anyway? How about your co-worker who is eligible and a good competitor of yours. Well, anyway sounds like a long way to go. The point of view is Direct Selling/MLM is a growing industry that boast a great potential that could save you from your corporate rat race situation. Maybe, probably, some people said MLM is not for all. I don't think so. It's for all, it's just a matter of choice. In fact, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump refer network marketing to those who want to start business with little or no capital. Network marketing has a lot of seminars and training, that you might not found in your company. Your school and your company did not teach you how to become rich. They teach you to become good employees, I think. I hope not all. Your company will even say that you should build and invest on your career if you want to go up in the ladder. While in the MLM, they never care if you are not an achiever in school, they are willing to help you in your growth. It sounds good, but most people will still keep their jobs even if not satisfied. Why? Well, we're reserving that on you. Most people don't like the idea of selling. Which is probably the most important skill you need to know. Every rich person regardless of their profession has a common trait,which is an excellent sales skills. Look at the late Steve Jobs, he's got the sales skills that makes Apple Computer a profitable company. You will hardly hear Steve Wozniak if you are referring to Apple Computer. It's a learnable skill that you should learn to become successful in whatever career or business that you have. Probably you don't think yourself as a salesman. The truth is-you are. Yes, you can't deny it because you are selling the product or service of your company. You advertise the name of your company to your friends and neighbors. Think about that. You may find it uncomfortable but, that's the reality. You are a salesman hired by the businessman that let you sell his product or service that was made by the entrepreneur. So you think, you don't sell? Think about it.

Mark Hugh Neri

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