Do Not Fall Into The Trap of Credit Cards

If you happen to pay only the minimum on your credit card bills, chances are you are falling into the credit card trap. Today, a lot of people are using their credit cards in financial transactions - whether they buy their groceries, getting a new gadget, paying tuition fees and most often when they buy something online. Credit card is your best friend. It will be your best friend if you pay the full amount every billing cycle. If you have $500 in your bill for this month and you have paid $500 before the next bill comes, then it is you best friend. It might be your Super Friend if you can get your annual fee waived every year. Some credit card companies will have it waived Credit card is your enemy. Well, might be one really bad enemy if you only pay the minimum amount during billing cycles. If you are practicing this routine every month then you should stop now. I mean now. Try to check if you can stop using the card for the mean time and pay all of the remaining balance. Then, if you are already clear with the remaining balance, set a certain amount that you can pay every month for your credit card - and... only spend that certain amount every time. If the need arise to increase that amount, then do it. Just avoid falling into the trap. The trap of credit card interest that will led into credit card debt. I have read a lot of stories of people being drowned into HUGE amount of credit card debt and believe me, it can ruin your day, friendships, relationships and even your life. So, do not fall into the trap. This post might not be something useful for you but let this be a reminder. Credit card should be our friends. Pay only what you can afford to pay. If you can pay nothing, then don't use it. Treat it as good as cash. Do not fall into the trap.

Mark Hugh Neri

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