Double Your Earnings Using Infolinks

Are you thinking of integrating Infolinks ad units with your blog? The right time is now because they are offering a double earning for those people who will register until April 15, 2013. If you don't have an idea about Infolinks, you might want to read our article How To Earn Money Using Infolinks.

In a nutshell, Infolinks is an advertising company which enables bloggers, content writers and as well as publisher to have an alternative to banner advertising such as ads given by Google Ads and generate additional source of income from their high traffic websites or blogs based on the platform they provide. They provide different products you can put on your site such as InSearch, InTag, InText and InFrame. The most popular of all of their products is the InText which when integrated in your website, will convert texts to special links.

Is Infolinks for you?

Though most people still opt for Adsense as their primary monetization for their blogs or websites, Infolinks can supplement those earnings and can give you more earnings in addition to what you are already earning. If you have a blog or site that has pretty much decent traffic and visitors, then I suggest that you add at least their link units. The link units doesn't really compete with your other units since the format of those ads are in a form of a link.

To join the program, you must follow the following steps below

1) Register an Infolinks publisher account.
2) After successful registration, send an e-mail to with a message St. Patrick's Day with my publisher ID - 330641. Example: St. Patrick's Day 330641
3) That's it! Once you have configured your site to use Infolinks ad units and stayed active, then your earnings will be doubled!

Though some people earns regular some of at least a hundred dollars, here's a sample of what I earn from them. If you are going to double this during the program, that's a good sum to have.

Mark Hugh Neri

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