Earn Bitcoin using NiceHash

Ever heard of the term "cryptocurrency mining"? How about Bitcoin? Ethereum?

It's okay if not....yet. I'm here to discuss it quick and hopefully you'll be encourage to research more about it.

That's enough jargon for now. Just think of them as any kind of currency - US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Philippine Peso. They have value, they can be exchanged to other currency and can be used to buy you a Lamborghini.


It's the biggest thing in the cryptocurrency galaxy, the most widely accepted one. It's a money without a physical representation, you cannot have a Bitcoin paper bill. You'll just need a wallet where you can store your digital money.

How to get coins?

  • You can buy from other people
  • You can mine (well, it's very difficult now to mine BTC by yourself though you can still mine other digital currency)
  • You can exchange USD or PHP to BTC

Okay, teach me now

First, you'll need a wallet. I would suggest something like coins.ph so it's easier to transfer your BTC to PHP and vice-versa. You can also check out Abra (a mobile phone wallet) if you prefer something like that.

You mention something like NiceHash

You can also easily earn some BTC by just running a program like NiceHash. It's like lending your computer's power to other miners and they pay you back some BTCs.

Here's my NiceHash program earning some... coins!

It's not much. It depends on how "powerful" your computer is. You might want to check and google what a decent "mining rig" looks like.

Your post is so vague

I just wanted to give an intro to cryptocurrency, mining and how does one earn from it. It's up to you if you wanted to learn more and reseach about it. There are tons of articles and YouTube videos about it.

It's one of the craze right now, well if you are going to just start now, you might be a little too late. But, most people are still optimistic and all are looking forward to a good future around all these digital currencies.

I am quite interested in learning more about it as well. Looks like I'm going to post more about digital currencies, cryptomining and mining rigs in the following days. Stay tuned!

Just some more last tip

Thanks for reading the whole article. You can personally message me via our Facebook page if you have some more questions. If you plan to build your own mining rig, I can give you some advise as I have been learning those during the last few weeks.

If this helps you, why not buy me a beer?
Here' my BTC wallet: 3NdcSgWkuH1NQVbpijWQqKftSoXUTkb5mm

Cheers! Happy mining!

Mark Hugh Neri

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