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Earning money is such a pain in the head. It seems like it's very hard to earn money especially in a third world country where I live. Because of this, there are many people trying out different kinds of business and other income generating opportunities. Some would start their mini-stores, food carts, merienda stands, cellphone loading business or even venture out in multi-level marketing. But all of these requires full time and effort and sometimes big amount of investment to start. So, is there any way we can earn money without requiring big amount of cash and your full-time efforts? Well, the short answer is YES. Good to know that there's something like ChurpChurp. ChurpChurp is an online community for social media users that provides its members with opportunities to earn money. One can earn by simply sharing the running campaign at the moment. Once someone clicks the link that you shared and visits it, you are automatically credited a certain amount depending on the rate of the advertiser. What are the steps to join ChurpChurp? 1. Login to ChurpChurp.com 2. Select the Country you are in 3. Sign-up by filling-out a form similar to the one below or by using Facebook or Twitter. 4. I prefer the log-in via Facebook or Twitter option. 5. You will see the currently running campaigns once login is successful. 6. Select one campaign and click on it. There's a lot of ways to share a campaign. You can either share the links on social-networking websites or you can enable auto-sharing which you can set to automatically share the campaign in a regular interval. Setup is very easy right? But what about the earnings? You need to have at least PhP 2,000 in order to cash out in ChurpChurp. As of today, I only have PhP 253 pesos. I still need to earn PhP 1,747.00 in order for me to cash out. That seems to be very little but imagine if you have a website that has a regular traffic and this traffic is around 5,000 - 10,000 unique visitors, then you're roads to riches might become nearer. Though the earnings is a bit small compared to other money-making opportunities, what I really like about this kind of income-opportunity is that you do not need to invest a lot. What you need is just a computer, an internet connection and some connections. Tell me, do you already consider ChurpChurp today? Or if you are already a member of ChurpChurp community, how good is your earning as of today? Join us today!

Mark Hugh Neri

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