How to Earn While You Sleep - Passive Income Ideas Pinoy-Style

Time is limited so it would be wise to make efficient use of it. This makes earning through passive income a truly great idea. It's like having extra time just because you still earn while you’re doing something else. You might even be asleep but because of your passive income source, you continue to earn money.

Although money shouldn’t be the focus of our lives, it is nonetheless important. If we had enough of it, we can pursue what makes us happy. Having a passive income source entails that you could be doing what you love (which doesn’t necessarily involve earning money) and yet you still build wealth. That is the ultimate time-saver.

Many people would gladly give up most of their time just to earn a living. But if you’ve established some passive income source, you need not sacrifice your life and miss out on the things that really matters.

Can Money grow from Trees? Well, for some, YES!

Passive Pinoy Income If you thought passive income is just hard to come by for Filipinos, think again! There are a few good ideas that you can employ right now to start establishing your passive income. Although not everything is for everyone, the trick is to find what works best for you.

Oftentimes that is not an easy thing to know. But your background, strengths and passion provide some clues as to which one will bear fruit. Here are seven passive income ideas that Pinoys have been using. Although this is not exhaustive and won’t attempt to cover everything, what makes them passive in nature should help you understand the concept better.

1. Stocks - Investing in stocks earn in two ways. There are earnings through dividends and there is capital appreciation (meaning when the stock prices go up). Although nothing is for certain with stocks, it is still a passive income source just because you can leave it and it will continue to perform. The caveat, however, is that it may also passively cause you to lose money. Stocks are not for everyone but for those who know enough, it can be a good passive income source.

2. Investment Funds - Mutual funds and UITFs (Unit Investment Trust Funds) are good alternatives to stocks if you want other more capable professionals to do the investing for you. Still your money can appreciate in value without you needing to do anything.

3. Blogging (ads & affiliate) - Adsense, Nuffnang, Amazon Associate and Infolinks are some examples of how bloggers may earn from their blog sites. Although blogging is work-intensive, the monetizing part is passive in nature. People will buy what you sell or check out what you advertise when they trust you based on your blog contents.

4. Selling stock photography - is one of many sites where you can earn from your photographs. If you love to take photos and have some skill in producing really great pictures, then you can opt to become a contributor in You will earn when people buy your photos through the site. So once you’ve uploaded your photos and they get accepted, you’ve got a new passive income source established.

5. Creating and selling a smart phone apps – App Store of Apple and Playstore of Google are two of the most popular app store that many developers have been using to earn money. Although this involves technical know-how, a really good app has the potential to provide continuous stream of income.

6. Write and sell an ebook - Amazon and E-junkie are two platforms that can help you sell your ebook. They will fully automate the process which makes the income extremely passive. Doing the work beforehand is, of course, another matter entirely. Writing a really good book and promoting it will surely entail a lot of work. But the rewards can outweigh the cost so it’s definitely worth a try for good writers.

7. Rental income - People involved in real-estate are also in a position to establish passive income streams. One of the ways to do this is through rental income. They could build living spaces or commercial establishments for rent. Sure there is some maintenance work that needs to be done but those are not as extensive compared to other money-making ventures.

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