Fail to Succeed

If the most successful people gave up in the past then would there be Apple, Microsoft, KFC, tires and other great things today? That same question goes for you. “If you give up today, then where will you be tomorrow?” It is from an idealist’s perspective but if you won’t think, act of something that you like and of something that will make a difference, then what will you be in the future? What will our world be? Dreaming and Achieving is not just a personal choice and want. You actually owe it to the World, to the youth of tomorrow. Most of the things that we enjoy today are from the people who failed not just once, some with a thousand times. Yes that is true, you might be wondering, how could one person fail a thousand times? Well it did happen to Harland David Sanders the creator of Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe. He was rejected 1009 times before a restaurant accepted his recipe and now worldly known as the KFC. Some of the most important characteristics of these winners can also be found in you. PASSION. Want something? Then do it, give your heart and soul in it, Most of successful people failed at first, jobless, penniless but their passion led them to continually, creating, striving and excelling. Ever heard of Soichiro Honda? If you are familiar with Honda motorbikes then you should be, because he was the one so passionate to spearhead its engine. What brings him to his success? His passion. His first love was motors, he know his place and pursued what he loved. HOBBIES. This is your practice. If you want a specialization, then make it your hobby. Hobbies are born out of you passion which are enacted and developed. Not only have you developed yourself but also the product itself. It may not be a specific product that you can sell to the market; it can also be a skill wherein you can sell yourself. Practice makes perfect. Bill gates, being a drop out of Harvard never stopped there. He and his colleague made programming their hobby. Boom after numerous failures, Microsoft was born. UNCHAIN YOURSELF. Are you a prisoner of the past, poverty, obligation, fear, responsibility, and many more that hinders you to move forward? Then unchain yourself. You want to do something that can’t be done because something is pulling you down? Then it’s time to get the key and let yourself go. Here’s a situation. You want to pursue a certain career but you can’t let go of your current job because you are scared that you won’t find a new one with the same huge salary. Well the truth is, if you love what you do, you won’t have to work hard every day because it will be play day and excel day. You want to learn a new language but you can’t find time because you work 10 hours a day? Then expand you time. Your will is more powerful influence that any other blockage that you encounter. NEVER BACK DOWN. Everybody’s rejecting you, denying your work? Don’t feel bad about it. Most of the successful people never back down when they’re families become hopeless for them. They alone firmly believed in themselves and finally found someone whom would believe in them. I know you are familiar with Walt Disney. Bringing smiles to children was his dream yet did you know that he was fired by a newspaper editor because "he lacked imagination and had no good ideas." well if he lost hope for from that moment on, how would we enjoy fairy tales as a kid? FAILURE IS ESSENTIAL. If you really want to be something then the requirement is failure. If you are victorious initially, then you will have no learning. What made successful people is their thick skin, endurance to failure and the desire born out of every failure. For every missed shot, for every effort rejected comes with a desire, eagerness to do more and to improve. Well, basically if you want success then, be happy of failures. Whatever you dreamed of or wanted to achieve, think of these things. You will find every strength and motivation within yourself. Good Luck. Sources: Photo credits to

Mark Hugh Neri

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