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I started to read and learn about financial literacy September last year. I was just reading some forums and have read about a book titled 'My Maid Invests In The Stock Market'. Being curious about the book, I have downloaded it from Bo Sanchez's website. Later the same month I have read the book 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki. I am moved by these two books and finally decided that I will start investing and begin my journey to financial freedom starting that month. Ever since, I have dedicated some time to learn more and everything I learned about is written on this blog. Almost all of my resources are found online and all of them are free. From blogs, community forums, e-books, websites, videos and other media - they all contributed to my journey to financial freedom. So, let me share to you some of my resources that helped me learn concepts about financial literacy. 1. PinoyExchange - Personal Investing and Money Management 2. Pinoy Money Talk Forum 3. TipidPC Stock Market Thread 4. TipidPC Mutual Fund Thread 5. Millionaire Acts (Blog) 6. Mutual Fund Philippines (Blog) 7. Pesos and Sense TV Program 8. Business Tips Philippines (Blog) 9. Investopedia 10. Finance Manila (Blog) I will update the list as soon as I found new resources. How about you, where do you learn about financial literacy? I hope that includes :)

Mark Hugh Neri

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