Financial Planning Tool From Sun Life Philippines

Today I discovered a very useful tool when it comes to financial planning. Brought to you by Sun Life Philippines, one of the top investment/insurance company here in the Philippines, the tool helps you choose what kind of product you may want to get to attain your goals such as income protection, health, education, investment, retirement or all of these. Visit their website here. First, 'Lucy' will ask the questions as shown in the picture above. Please answer it as honestly as possible. Then it will ask you how often do you set aside money for it (you can choose either monthly, quarterly or annually), how much are you willing to invest, and how long do you intend to add on this investment. After that, you can choose how much of a risk taker are you since the riskier the investment, the higher the possibility of having losses but the higher possible gains as compared to low-risk investments. From the results on the example above, if I will invest 2,000 monthly in their Equity Mutual Fund for a duration of 5 years, I will have a possible return of Php 178,066. That is around 13.5% annual increase on this investment. But like as many other investments, the figures above doesn't guarantee you the same and since this is on a high-risk setting, there's a possibility that you can lose money as well. Overall, I must say that this would be useful for everyone who wants to know how far their money can go with Sun Life's investment and insurance products.

Mark Hugh Neri

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