Fit, for success!

We’ve recently have an annual physical exam in our office as required by our Human Resources Department, and as I expected, results came very devastating. Almost 90% are OBESE!!! I myself am obese for 2kilos more than the required weight for my height and built. Did you know that, obesity among office workers is getting really really common these days; logically, when we were still at high school and college we are all physically active by walking, sometimes running teasing and chasing, carrying heavy bags and books through a long stairwell (elevators are not so common at schools, doh!) and many more. Nowadays, it is impossible to do such in an office environment. When you go to an office, you'll see a number of chairs, computer pods, tables, bulletin boards, mice (plural for a computer mouse :P), key boards and telephones; people all sit there facing the computer from the beginning of their shifts until the end. Stand ups and walks for a while going to the pantry, washroom and smoking room and mostly shifts require you to work for at least 8 hours excluding your coffee/smoking breaks and lunch breaks. Among all these, which factors contribute the risk for being obese? 1. Inactivity - When you begin to work in an office, you are most likely to stick to your chair in front of your computer, typing on your keyboard, clicking on your mouse beside your telephone for 8 hours. 2. Too much sitting – If you stand up while working, you’ll catch backache because the table is low so, you can just sit to work comfortably. You are most likely to catch cancer for this; study proves that most of us are sitting to death. 3. Sitting after eating - doing so will increase the size of the tummy due to fat build up. Indigestion also occur causing bowel discomfort – Constipation. 4. Smoking - Abusing it puts you at risk in acquiring one from the long list for its bad effects on our health - in general. 5. Coffee - Cholesterol level increase and raise of high blood pressure levels. 6. Stress - Too much caffeine, nicotine and the stressful working environment contributes to obesity, Big time. 7. Lack of exercise – Test results advised us to at least exercise for 30 minutes. No physical activity for even 3 times a week spent for at least 30 minutes to 1hr contributes in being obese. 8. Depression - Girls like me when depressed binges to eating too much UN noticing the amount of food being eaten. 9. Boredom - When rainy season comes and a very few customer visits, we get bored. To fight boredom, we eat snacks rich in sodium and other preservatives these are : boy bawang, cheezy red hot, nagaraya especially comfort food and many more. 10. Genes - Your family's health history has something to do with your current physical state. I’ve just realized, it’s important to know the firsts. I have watched a show yesterday about a morbidly obese man, weighing 500 pounds who wishes to change his habits and his physical size and weight to the norms. For us who hasn’t reached the extremities of obesity this sounds as if it’s a joke, but seriously, as his doctors explained with his knee x-ray – there is a big danger waiting due to his extreme weight. His knee ligament broke and his bones are nearly misaligned. He has to lose weight for a period of 1 year or, snap! He will lose his legs. Moreover, he is always teased as a cow. He is currently undergoing a weight loss programme without the heavy exercises yet. To prevent this let us begin jogging or at least walking for some time to invest ourselves with good health and a long life. I felt the urge to share this with everyone to begin getting fit and coping up with our working lifestyle. Success is reached with good health needed first. Try some suggestions that I have thought of: Gyms along Makati area are : Do you wish to share something helpful for other achievers? Be aware, be helpful inform us now!

Mark Hugh Neri

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