Five Easy Steps to Increase Website Traffic

Today I want to share what little things I did to increase website traffic on this blog. From almost no traffic to average of 500 to 1000 page views per day. I was able to gather these little steps from different sources such as blogs, forums, e-books and even YouTube videos. Some people will not disclose these techniques but since I get these five steps for free in the internet, I think it's just right to share it to you without any fees. If you wanted to have a significant increase in the traffic of your website, then continue reading. 5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic You should be aware that Google is the best and most popular search engine today. And so, what we will be doing is to do optimization the Google way. We will target that search engine because once you are already optimized for the Big G, then I believe it's most likely that you will also be optimized for Yahoo! and Bing.

No, not this kind of traffic

Are you excited to know these five easy but critical steps to increase your page views and daily visitors? Let's move along.

1. Keyword Research.

Before you start writing your blog posts or pages, you should have thought of the keywords or key phrases that you will be targeting. One of the tools you can use for this is Google's own Adwords Keyword Tool. Using this tool, you can search for keywords or key phrases and check how many search for that keyword are done per month, how much is the CPC or cost per click to give an idea on how much Advertisers are willing to pay for that keyword and other valuable information such as competition and search trends. When searching for a keyword, you must target a parameter with at least 1000 to 2000 local monthly search and a CPC of at least $1. In terms of competition, I thought that you should target the low ones. What I do not know was that we should target keywords with High competition because it means that there are a lot of companies willing to pay to advertise on those keywords.

2. Correct choice of domain name.

If you are going to create a blog or a website that you will be monetizing some day, then you should get it right on the beginning - the time when you buy your domain. Having your keywords in the domain name itself will push you up in the Search Engine Results Page. If your keyword is 'pay per click', then a domain name such as will have a better optimization than getting a which do not contain your targeted key words or phrase. To buy a domain you can start at either Go Daddy or Namecheap - both offers cheap domain names and most commonly used. I personally would go for Namecheap because Go Daddy offers a bunch of items before you check out which I find annoying.

3. Score Green in Yoast WordPress SEO.

One cool thing about WordPress is that you can install great plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast. For people who doesn't have any idea about on-page SEO, Yoast offers an easy-to-use plugin so that you can optimized your blog posts or pages in WordPress. All you have to do is to target green score in every article you want to optimize. A sample page analysis by the plugin is shown below.

Yoast Analyzer Rocks!

In Google's point of view, at least for its crawlers, links that point back to your site are considered a 'vote' to your site. The text enclosed in that link is also significant because it gives meaning as to what kind of information can be found on your site. These links are what we call back links. To create back links, you can ask co-bloggers to put links on their web site to yours. You can also submit a copy of your article to different sites such as Ezine Articles, Hubpages, Squidoo and many more. To boost your links more, you can also create an account at Blogger, and and post links back to your original web site. Did you know that these count as links as well? You can also put more links by commenting to other peoples' pages and post. While these do not count as 'votes' as they contain the rel=nofollow attribute, these links can still help increase your traffic by letting other readers see more information by visiting your link.

5. Social Share.

If you don't have any Social Network Sharing buttons on your web posts, then you are missing a big opportunity to become viral. If you are using WordPress, I recommend using WP Socializer as it is very easy to setup and supports a lot of social network sharing buttons. Don't forget to share to social-bookmarking sites. Aside from your usual Facebook and Twitter accounts, consider sharing to social bookmarking services such as StumbleUpon and Digg. Money Gizmo also receives visitor from StumbleUpon. These five easy to follow steps are the same tips I followed to increase Money Gizmo's traffic from zero to something. Try it out for yourself and let me know if these techniques made a change to increase your own website's traffic.

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