Flood Your Blessings To The Flood Victims!

While you can just sit comfortably in your home, and watch the country sink in to the disaster of flood why not be a hero for a change? It does not necessarily require you to have super power and risk your life to the fast current of brown waters covering mostly of Luzon. You can leave that to the Rescuers where they have been trained for to do that (although you can also do that if given the chance). At this time of crisis, I urge you to be a hero of information, of giving and of saving. [caption id="attachment_18063" align="aligncenter" width="576"] From http://pcsdi.org[/caption] I can give you three ways to do just the rightful things. Be the Hero of Information If your internet, cellphone is available better much warn people where streets are heavily flooded or you can suggest alternative routes if you have been through there or know some. Mostly of our Government agencies and yes even simple citizens try to help by information dissemination using Twitter, facebook, WP and other sites. On twitter, you can use #hastags on #ReliefPH, #RescuePH, #FloodsPH. See this link. Be the hero of Giving As you may see on the news this flood has washed away not only the houses of the people, belongings and business, mostly of them have their hopes washed away too. What you can do is to spare some hope through your reinforcements. They will be needing money, goods, clothing, and other basic necessities. A bottle of water can quench the thirst of a father whom untiringly lifts his child unto his shoulders just to get through. Your little things matters most. Your load, your extra biscuit, your volunteerism can reach hands of those victims. Do not hesitate. Be a hero of Saving Saving is not just about being there and helping them get out of the flood when in the end, you’ll see yourself being saved by the rescuers too. You can do it by the power of prayer. This is just a test given to us, and through this we once again gather strength, faith and unity. Mt 18:19........ "Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven." It is a promise. Imagine if all of us can pray for these, then God will turn us to be his heroes and be the hero to others. May you be a hero today!

Mark Hugh Neri

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